1_Mac DeMarco_Babys All Right

In the early days of August if you checked the Baby’s All Right calendar you’d notice there was a mysterious artist by the name of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets playing a show on August 4. Only this clearly this band didn’t exist, and neither did the opener Another Juan. But the mysterious photo of Alfred E. Neuman, the famed Mad Magazine mascot, dressed as Harry. You then realized that there was a slight resemblance to Mac DeMarco, all the way down to the gap teeth. Then you realize that Another Juan is not only a clue for an opening set from Mac’s buddy Juan Wauters, but also a nod to Mac’s new “mini-album” Another One. The secret performance wasn’t much of a secret day of, as word had spread to those paying close enough attention, and it came for a bargain at only $5.

The performance featured many of the live debuts of tracks from the delightful Another One, which was perfect listening for the tail end of the summer months. He eased the introduction of the new songs by spacing them with old favorites such as “Salad Days,” “The Stars Keep On Calling My Name,” “Cooking up Something Good,” and of course, “Still Together,” which featured a show-ending crowd-surfer from Mac, from the front of Baby’s, all the way to the back, and then back.

Find some more photos from his performance at Baby’s posted below.

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Temporary Hero

On his new album Chet, Portland artist Temporary Hero offers his own take on classic songs from acclaimed jazz trumpeter, flugelhornist and vocalist Chet Baker.

On Chet, Temporary Hero dives into the most beautiful of Chet’s vocal tunes, giving them a unique and haunting spin that is both an ode and a present day re-imagination. To go along with this, the album comes along with a visual compenant that listeners can experience at a website dedicated solely to the project. Head here to check that out.

Below, listen to the impressive cover of Temporary Hero’s otherworldy take on “Time After Time.” It’s a beauty.

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Plum – “Light Years, Dark Years”

By Will Oliver, November 28th 2015 Listen Rock Stream


It  doesn’t take long for Denver-based trio Plum to win you over with their stormer of a single “Light Years, Dark Years.”

The single instantly transports you to a simpler time where psych-led garage rock was all it took to get the people going. There’s a bit of the bite from the early days of The Black Keys, a dirty but assured rocker that hit all the right notes.

The single is the self-titled effort from their debut EP, Light Years, Dark Years. Based on the single alone, Plum are a exciting rock group to keep an eye on. The fact that they’ve already opened up for the likes of Charles Bradley, Win Butler and The Districts says it all. Their a group on the rise, one that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the immediate future.

Stream “Light Years, Dark Years” below.

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Mystic Pete – Goodbye [Om Namah Shivaya]

By Will Oliver, November 28th 2015 Listen Stream

Mystic Pete

LA native Mystic Pete is a hard artist to classify. Sure he leans toward the world of electronic, but there’s also a hint of world music and other genres that usually electronic music doesn’t bump shoulders in, at least not quite in this manner.

Take “Goodbye [Om Namah Shivaya],” a track from his album Basspop, a track that takes a heavy house beat and uses worldly sounds and easy to digest vocals to give it a uniquely memorable spin. It’s practically a genre of music of his own doing, something different and almost ahead of its time.

Stream “Goodbye [Om Namah Shivaya]” below, and head here to check out the entire record.

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How long do you think local radio has before it goes the way of DVDs and dial-up Internet? Streaming services are growing in popularity, and it’s going to continue to grow. Eventually, all will abandon terrestrial radio in favor of online streaming (in their cars, on their phones, and everywhere else). Imagine growing old and talking about the halcyon days of radio, a time unlike the current landscape.

The reality is, streaming is very likely to take over radio. Vehicles are currently being sold with on-the-go Internet connections, so eventually even the car stereo will provide streaming services. And with unlimited and unfiltered free streaming services, such as HAKTradio, there’s very little that can stop this progression.

Streaming Outperforming Radio in Technological Advances

Terrestrial radio may have hit a wall in terms of growth and technology. Think about it, when was the last time your radio could do something new? Likely the introduction of broadcasting artists, song names, and DJ names was the last cool technology radio offered.

Streaming regularly changes its services to include all-new technologies, including attaching podcasts to websites. Almost every television station has a website with streaming services, as do most radio stations. Visitors can listen to broadcasts live, and even access older broadcasts, so everything is saved for posterity.

But, that’s not the best this streaming has to offer technology wise. Playlists can be auto generated based on your unique musical preferences using a sophisticated algorithm. This is a far cry from phoning the request line… In fact, it’s more user-friendly and therefore more entertaining than anything terrestrial radio has ever done.

Streaming’s Variety Outperforms Radio

On a standard radio dial, most (if not all) of the FM stations are music genre stations, such as top 40 and country. AM is rarely used, compared to yesteryear, but traffic reports, the news, and talk radio programs are still sometimes broadcasted. Radio towers will exist for many years to come, but its entertainment value is dwindling as streaming services are on the rise.

Terrestrial radio is limited to a hundred or so channels. Streaming, however, is completely unlimited. There are no bounds, and every artist’s catalog is available (although, many come at a cost). Often, a station is created based on your preferences, and that station is also fully customizable. The very real opportunity to hear only the music you want to trumps traditional radio every time.

Streaming is the Future

Perhaps, there’s no real need to feel sorry for radio because isn’t streaming radio? Only better? It’s basically a technological improvement on a service that has lasted forever. Seriously, radio remained popular through the development of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s. It’s adapted to all forms of society, and it is still popular today. Perhaps it will surprise us, and somehow mitigate streaming and remain a recognizable force in the years to come.

For now, people will continue to listen to the radio because it’s readily available. Overtime, streaming will also become something that is always available, and then there’s no telling the future of radio (although, it’s a safe bet it’s not looking good for radio).

San Fermin - Wild Honey Pie : Shake Shack

Back in April I had the pleasure of attending an intimate performance from San Fermin at Headroom NYC, who were performing a Buzzsession put on by our buddies over at The Wild Honey Pie. The session was made that much more special as it featured a collaboration with Shake Shack, who made the intimate performance that much better with free burgers and their fine Shackmeister Ale. It’s not often you get to mix the equally great worlds of food and live music.

Today I have the honor and privilege of premiering one of the Buzzsession videos from that evening. It’s their performance of “Emily,” which sounds just as good as I remember it those many months ago. It’s interesting to see the final product after witnessing it all go down live in person. If you haven’t been to one of The Wild Honey Pie’s events or tapings yet, this video will make you want to rectify that immediately.

Enjoy the performance below, and be sure to check out one of the group when they return to New York City for a three night stand at Bowery Ballroom on December 17th, 18th & 19th. Tickets are on sale at the bands website.
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Wild Nothing Vinyl

Earlier tonight Wild Nothing played an intimate show at Baby’s All Right. It was their first show in New York since their Converse Rubber Tracks performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg in May. The used the night to share many new songs, which frontman Jack Tatum later shared were from the bands new album Life Of Pause, which will be released on February 19, 2016, via Captured Tracks.

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One of the many highlights of CMJ this October was British trio Shopping. The group effortlessly run through songs that dabble in dance-rock with a punk-minded spirit that is just irresistible in every which way. I ended up catching them two times over the busy marathon week, and honestly wish I could’ve caught them some more. They played tracks from their recently released album Why Choose, out now via Fat Cat Records, as well as their equally great debut album Consumer Complaints.

They’ll be back again this Saturday night for a show at Palisades in Brooklyn, where they will play alongside headliners Priests as well as fellow opener, Arm Candy. Tickets ($12) for the show are still on sale, and it’s bound to be one of the most exciting shows you attend on Saturday, if not all weekend.

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1_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

After catching a rare an unforgettable performance from Hot Chip at Baby’s All Right the night before, I caught them again the next night at Webster Hall. Obviously it was going to be impossible for the show to match the one at Baby’s considering the intimacy of the show, but I was still excited to see Hot Chip again, especially with the prospect of a large and excited crowd to amp up the atmosphere of the room. I’ve seen the British electronic rockers plenty of times now, and there hasn’t been one performance that didn’t leave me blown away, and I went into this show expecting no different, even if the show at Baby’s was a tough act to follow.

Once again opening was Georgia, who played a quick one-woman set the night before. This time around she had a full band with her, and delivered an impressionable performance that lived up to the hype that surrounded her, and then some. She’s only getting started, but based off her performance, and her rock solid debut album (out via Domino Records), she’s got quite a career laid ahead of her.

It was the first night of a two night run, and Hot Chip were clearly feeding off of the energy of the capacity crowd. Getting to see them spread out on a larger space this time around gave them a whole new dynamic and flexebility to deliver a looser performance that gave the band freedom to roam the stage. No matter how many times I see them, I’m always left in awe about how they’re able to blend the worlds of dance/electronic in awe in such a dominant fashion. There’s no way that you can go into a Hot Chip show without jouyously dancing and singing along, once they have you, they have you for good.

We may not get to see them in New York again for a little while, but you can bet I’ll be there whenever they do return.

Find photos of both Hot Chip and Georgia posted below.

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They’re not even allowed to drink (at least legally) but Sunflower Bean all already starting to call to mind the work ethic of prolific rockers like Ty Segall. The group have been touring endlessly since the start of 2014, playing more shows than anyone else in the great city of New York. This year they released their fantastic debut EP Show Me Your Seven Secrets, full of songs featuring hard-hitting psych wandering. They then followed that up with a 7″ featuring two rippers (“I Hear Voices” / “The Stalker”) that was released via Fat Possum over the summer.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the group have now announced that their debut album Human Ceremony will be released via Fat Possum on February 5. To mark the occasion of the announcement, the trio have released the ripping first single “Wall Watcher.” It’s a song that I’ve heard many times in live form, and I can proudly say that they’ve captured its essence and then some on this recording. It showcases the bands ability to rip through glorious fuzz rips, while also finding a slick psych-groove that they hammer home almost too easily.

Stream “Wall Watcher” below, pre-order the album here, and find the tracklisting below. I’ve also included their upcoming tour dates, which includes their own headlining performance at Bowery Ballroom on February 25, as well as a return trip to SXSW.

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