Sydney, Australia indie rockers Even As We Speak are no strangers to making lush power pop that is smart and effective in every way that good music of that genre should. They’ve been at it since the 80’s and after a few years apart the band recently reunited and have been back at it with a solid set of new music. Most recently their 5-song EP The Black Forest, which Emotional Response Records released in September.

Their single “Such A Good Feeling” certainly lives up to it’s title, effortlessly giving us sunny power pop melodies that are clean and bright-minded, a total winner in every which way.

You can stream it below and find the whole EP available to stream/purchase at their bandcamp.

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The Rare Occasions – “Backwards”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Los Angeles rockers The Rare Occasions don’t waste much time showing off their winning formula on recent single “Backwards.”

It’s a high energy track with some sharp riffs and a very enthuastic vocal performance that absolutely hooks you in by the time its infectious chorus come through and wins you over. It has the charm of some rock and roll from the early 2000s but gives it a fresh new feel. These guys may just be crossing your radar but based on how enjoyable “Backwards” is, you bet they’re ones to watch.

You can stream “Backwards” below and if you really dig it, go purchase it at their bandcamp page.

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Raindrop – “Only Hope”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Psychedelic Stream

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Raindrop is headed by Miles Devine, formerly of the now defunct psych rock band Regular John. After asking a few musician friends to join him, along with produced SPOD, Raindrop was born.

Next year Raindrop will release their debut album Mild Meltdowns and today we are sharing one of it’s singles, “Only Hope.” It’s hard to mention an Australian psych-rock offering without some comparisons to Tame Impala, as Raindrop’s navigation of the psych rock scene has a lighter touch for sure but one that certainly leaves an impression.

We will have to wait on the rest of the album, but for now we can enjoy “Only Hope,” which I have posted as a stream below.

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Anti Pony is the duo of Sanna Colling and Alexander Pierre, who are based out of Stockholm, Sweden, and it doesn’t take long for their latest single “Love Can’t Make You Stay (Can’t Fuck My Heart Away)” to make it perfectly clear that these guys make some damn good Swedish pop. It is more of an upbeat ballad that brings with it some super addictive vocals and melodies that have a nostalgic sense of loss that all of us hopeless romantics can dig into.

The song was released via Lazy Octopus Records and can be streamed below and purchased on iTunes if your ears really like what they hear.

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Camps – “High Heads”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Punk Stream

Camps are a garage rock group from Louisiana who have quite a debut offering in their heavy hitting track “High Heads.” It’s an urgent garage rock stomper which has a been of a 90s feel to it and tons of southern flavor that gives it an extra bit of bite and kick.

Strong female vocals and a passionate garage punk sound that feels larger than life. Now that’s one way to catch our attention, Camps.

Stream “High Heads” below and head to their soundcloud to find the rest of their music.

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Ephrata – “Odds”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Seattle group Ephrata won me over pretty early on their charming indie rocker “Odds,” a track that has some lovely Belle & Sebastian like vocals and a melody that reminds me of a few of my favorite 80s tunes. These are all good things and “Odds” is a damn fine winner of a track that is a pure ray of positive sunshine.

“Odds” is taken from their self-titled and self-released debut album which came out in September. You can stream the song below and find the album available to hear in full or purchase at their bandcamp page.
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Francis – “Swing”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Swedish indie pop act Francis returned this summer with new single “Swing,” which was released via Swedish label Strangers Candy.

The single follows the release of their 2016 sophomore album Marathon, proving that they have no signs of slowing down. “Swing” is a smartly crafted indie pop song with some great sugary vocals and smart old school melodies that work charmingly to a tee. It’s a real gem of a track that is a pure delight in every way.

Enjoy a stream below and if you like what you hear grab it over at iTunes.

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Oxenfree – “Garbage Collector”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Oxenfree are a Brooklyn-based band who take inspiration from the pop sensibilities of groups like The New Pornographers while bringing the raw energy of acts like The Replacements. The group has me hooked with their high energy rocker “Garbage Collector.”

The track features some great riffs and passionate vocals that work together to create something that rocks just as hard as it delivers smart hooks.

“Garbage Collector” is off of the band’s Another Land EP which they put out this summer via Sneaky Bear Records. Stream it below and find the whole EP over at their bandcamp page.

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Stone Irr – “In My Mind”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Stone Irr is a choral pop/dream folk project out of Bloomington, Indiana. He makes folk music with an experimental nature that impresses with glorious vocal arrangements such as his track, “In My Mind,” off of his debut album Sinner which was released on July 28 via Darling Recordings.

The track has a mix of Beach Boys production and vocals and dare I say some early Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. They’re familiar yet very much in their own element.

Enjoy a stream of “In My Mind” below and find the whole album available to stream in full or purchase at his bandcamp.

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Hailing from the underground punk scene in Denmark are young rockers Blood Child. They came to my attention after being sent a live video of them performing a live session of their track “Psycho.” It definitely calls to mine of groups such as Ice Age, with a post-punk sound that features some great riffs and vocals that work together to create one hell of a glorious amount of noise. The fact that this track is live makes it all even more impressive.

Hope to get a proper recorded version of this but god damn, this version will do for now. Enjoy the video of the performance at Tapetown Studios posted below.

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