Jen Cloher finally broke through in the U.S. last year with her terrific self-titled album which was one of my favorites of the year.

Last fall she opened for Courtney Barnett (who Cloher is married to) and Kurt Vile at Loew’s Jersey Theatre. That performance was a solo acoustic one that offered some nice stripped down versions of her songs.

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red steppes is the Oakland-based project of singer-songwriter Nika States. Her songwriting has a fine sensibility to it that sees her write in a way that captures a distinct time and place that is personal and most importantly, true.

She’s gearing up to release her new album A Mouth May Grow and has shared it’s first single “I Did Not Speak It,” a lovely folk tune that tells of a salt marsh in the town of Rawbridge that she was introduced to by her mother. In essence, a song that shows how music can take us back to places important to us, or ones that we used to know.

It’s a lovely song and one that you can enjoy below via it’s official music video, directed by Cooper Kenward.

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Death By Unga Bunga – “Soldier”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018 Indie Listen Rock Stream

Norweigan rockers Death By Unga Bunga return this Spring with their fifth album, So Far So Good So Cool. It will be released on April 6 via Jansen Records but you don’t have to wait to hear it’s first single, “Soldier.”

The track dives deep into 70s rock and roll with plenty of crunchy goodness that is totally infectious and feels readymade for a night out on the town. Someone needs to make a tour happen with both them and White Reaper, like yesterday.

Stream “Soldier” below and you can preorder the album right now on their Bandcamp.

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Kunzite is the new collaboration between Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of White Flight. We recently shared with you their debut offering “Monks” and today we are sharing “Vapors,” another track from their debut album Birds Don’t Fly, which will be released on March 2 via Sol System Records.

It’s another colorful electro-rock fusion that is tailor-made for some late night summer listening. It’s a feel-good jam that fans of Ratatat should have no problem connecting to.

Find the entertaining music video for “Vapors” below and find the album available to pre-order over at their Bandcamp.
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Brooklyn’s We Are Scientists recently announced the release of their sixth album Megaplex on April 27 via 100% Records.

The group recently shared the album’s first single “One In One Out,” a track that fans of the band will have no problem warming up to. It does a lot of what the band has been doing for the past decade, diving deep with one of their signature hook-filled chorus that is right in their wheelhouse.

Find the official video posted below, which was directed by Jedidiah Mitchell who also handled the visual effects. The band have also announced some new tour dates, including a performance at Bowery Ballroom on June 16. Tickets are currently on sale here.

How Music Affects Your Essay Writing

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2018 Editorial

A lot is known about the impact of music on a person. Music can heal and cheer up, or vice versa, to depress, inspire or relax. In ancient times, long before the advent of the term “music therapy”, it was already used in the treatment of ailments both physical and mental.

Numerous experiments were carried out, the purpose of which was to find out how music affects industrial workers. By results: the use of background music during the performance of tasks significantly increases the productivity of workers, and they feel less tired after a hard day’s work. Music is able to compete even with the noise of factory equipment. A couple of years ago, British scientists found out that 90% of surgeons listen to music during the operation. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere, helps to cope with stress. Of the musical genres, surgeons prefer rock, pop and classics.


Listen to Mozart for Better Grades

Classical music is, of course, the most studied one. It is considered to be the most useful regarding its impact on listeners. And from all the variety of classics, Mozart’s music is placed first. Numerous studies have shown that it activates almost all areas of the cerebral cortex — while it increases the intellectual level, improves attention, memory and mathematical abilities, sharpens hearing and vision and produces other magical effects. There is even a special term — “Mozart effect”, which denotes the beneficial effect of music on the mental and physical abilities of a person. In a broad sense, this term refers to the classical music in general.

Just 10 minutes of Mozart’s piano music boosts the intelligence factor by 8-10 units, and a 5-minute music session significantly increases the concentration of attention. Mozart’s sonatas have a positive effect on memory, even for those with Alzheimer’s.

In addition to the genius of Mozart, the healing power is recognized for the works of such composers as Vivaldi, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Grieg, Debussy, Schumann and many others.

The Best Music to Compose Inspiring Texts

During work, you can listen to any music — from classical to modern. It is not so much a style that is important, as much as a pace. Working with texts, it is better to avoid vocal works, especially in your native language. The nervous tension can be lifted by the smooth melody and smooth slow tempo. The main idea is to choose music to your liking and not to overdo, because the constant musical background can be tiresome.

There is also evidence that pop music from the 1980s and 1990s is helping to memorize information. It was during this period that most of the compositions contained 50-80 beats per minute – a rhythm that sets the brain to remember and improves logical thinking.

Creating Your Perfect Writing Chart and Using it Right

To make these findings work for you, you should apply them to your essay writing for some time and find some working trends. Of course, music cannot help you as much as some timely tips on professional essay writing, but it can do its share and increase your productivity. Follow the rules and enjoy the result.

  1. Don’t listen to songs with words. First of all, don’t listen to songs with words which you can understand. When your brain listens to pure music, it keeps being concentrated on your major task, when it listens to songs it tries to analyze the lyrics, which is far from your academic goal.
  2. Adjust the volume. Music shouldn’t distract you with its noise. Loud music doesn’t only distract you from writing, it makes your brain tired. Your ears should feel comfortable and not overwhelmed.
  3. Don’t be an active listener. Music should create a positive background, not become a trigger to look for lyrics, similar songs, history of the group, etc. Even if you like the composition don’t hurry to send it to your friend, or post it on Facebook.
  4. Choose the channels without advertisement. Spend some time and find several YouTube channels which play music you like or want to try to listen while writing without constant promos. The brain needs over 7-10 minutes to get back to work after unexpected audio distraction.
  5. Be polite. If you are not alone in the room, if you write in the public place, use headphones. It is a simple rule, but, unfortunately, too many students decide to skip it lately.
  6. Try creative alternatives. You might be one of that 35 % who preferring common noises to music. If you hate writing in complete silence, but the music also distracts you, try services like Coffitivity, which have free collections of urban sounds.

Music can increase the level of dopamine in your system and make you much more cheerful. Almost the same effect has the bar of chocolate, but it is not the best way out if you want to stay active and fit.

All photos by Qbertplaya

Last month Oregon-based indie rock outfit Typhoon returned with their fourth album Offerings (released via Roll Call Records). They stopped in to bring the new albums tour to Brooklyn on January 27 for a sold out performance also featuring sets from openers Bad Bad Hats and Sunbathe.

Find photos from all three performances below, all taken by our photographer Qbertplaya.

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