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By Will Oliver, December 8th 2008 — with 2 comments Band To Watch MP3

“We’re a young band out of chicago called Filligar. Our sound is a little like mgmt meets wilco meets the rolling stones.”

This was my introduction to Filligar. It has pretty much become stressful for me to filter out the good bands from the bad when I receive emails about “rising artists.” I hate to say it but a lot of the stuff I get just is not good. Filligar’s description of themselves caught my attention right away, causing me to have a really good feeling about them. Turns out that the feeling was right. Filligar is an absolutely fantastic band, and their description of themselves was pretty close.

Filligar are a very young band featuring 3 brothers named Johnny, Teddy, and Pete Mathias along with their friend Casey Gibson. The three brothers all attend Dartmouth College while Casey attends Hamilton College. Smart boys! They have been together since 2000 when they were only 13 years old, and have released 4 albums to date. I wish I did something with my life thinking about that! It is amazing to see how much they have done especially with the burden of a higher education!

Their latest release entitled “Near Or Far” was a highly pleasurable intro to the band. First impression are very important to me, and they nailed it. Filigar has a very fresh sound, combining many different styles successfully. Quickly with “A Violent Change” I was drawn in to their sense of melody and ability to write a pop song. Filligar can really play their instruments well, the songs all have a tight coherent connection, with the MGMT like keyboards riding to the surface at the right moments. They have an underlying chemistry on songs like “No I Won’t” where the brothers add a little extra to each others playing. I really have to say Johnny’s vocals are really nice on the ears too.

The whole album has great guitar playing, lush synths, and a rhythm section that compliments the sound well enough that it stands out on its own. The piano playing on “Lot Six” reminds me of the very skillful Ben Folds. My personal favorite track is “One of the Regulars”, infectious guitar riff, catchy chorus, funky bass. All of the things I get a kick out of when putting on headphones. One of the things I noticed from many of the songs if their ability to write a strong bridge, something many bands lack. If you cannot tell, there are plenty of things to praise about. I notice a new sound or lyrics with each listen, which is always a sign of a band with depth.

The band is so young, and already so well established. This is a highly enjoyable album, and I wish I knew about Filigar a lot earlier. These guys have a lot going for them and have a really bright future ahead of them. Once they get out of school and can put focus on the band, it will be scary to see what they can do. Don’t let them out of your sight!

For all you fellow New Yorks they are stopping by in NYC on January 2nd at the Canal Room if you want to get a live taste of the boys. I will be there for sure, and you should be too!! For more information click here.

[mp3] : Filligar – A Violent Change
[mp3] : Filligar – One Of The Regulars

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