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By Will Oliver, January 8th 2009 — with 4 comments Album Review MP3

Animal Collective takes some time to get used to. If you liked them off the bat, I tip my cap to you. I however didn’t get them until last year with the release of Strawberry Jam. Even from last year my appreciation towards the band has grown with each day. They truly are a special band. Once you really get into them, you will begin to get the rewards of their beautiful music that your friends and family may disregard as noise. They incorporate so much music from the past and present. It is their ability to deliver Beach Boys harmonies over layers of dance jams, synths and other effects that loop in perfection harmony with the vocals. This is music at the total creative peak. Thank you god for letting us be alive during the 21st century.

Opener ‘In The Flowers’ starts this masterpiece off building off of a wall of electronic noises then ascending into an explosion. The bass takes over the song announcing their true arrival. Soon over the thudding bass and blissful electronic noises you have sincere lyrics about missing a loved one. It is moments like this that define Merriweather Post Pavillion. You have mature themes co-aligning with some amazing music.

The best song on the album for me hands down is ‘My Girls’. Ever since the song leaked, it has been all I have been playing. Even my 8 year old brother knows the words!!! From the transition from ‘In The Flowers’ to the first words sung by Panda Bear you are simply captivated. The beat kicks in and your mind is blown. The lyrics hit up being a parent, and what’s important about it. The fact that they can make such bright colorful music while discussing important things shows the true artistic talent in Animal Collective. This may be Animal Collectives poppiest song, and let me just say it is a true gem. ‘Also Frightened’

‘Summertime Clothes’ will be the ultimate summertime track for this summer. The song has a constant bass heavy beat that lets room for the beautiful vocals of Avery and Panda who bring home the fantastic chorus “When the sun goes down, we’ll go out again/Don’t cool off, I like your warmth”. ‘Daily Routine’ welcomes a frenzy freak-out of synth’s over that familiar Panda Bear vocal delivery. You can tell this is a Panda Bear song.

It is amazing how perfect the transition is to the soon to be fan favorite ‘Bluish’. This track seemed to get some mixed reviews from those diehard AC fans possibly because it was the only song that was never heard live. The song shows the true benefit of the collective’s harmonies over a simple beat and other electronic effects. It just sounds like your in a different place, with that one special person. The lyrics ‘It makes me so crazy, though I can’t say why’ are quite fitting altogether, aren’t they?

I could go on all day. From the immense multi-flavored ‘Brother Sport’ to the underrated ‘Guys Eyes’ the album does not get old. Each listen is like the first time you listened to it. Although it is familiar, new sounds say hello, and new melodies sweep over you like an ocean wave. The songs cleanse you of all your life problems,. Merriweather Post Pavilion is more than an album, it is an escape. Animal Collective are able to evoke so many emotions from you. Joy, love, you name it they hit on it.

This is a true masterpiece in my eyes. They have created an unique album that is far ahead of their time, yet it is accessible. Every song has the potential to be someone else’s favorite song. That 9.6 from pitchy is well deserved. These are not just songs over beats. Thes vocals correspond with each other, they actually give more light to the beats. The vocals are another layer of music. Animal Collective have made the album of the career, where will they go from for here many ask. We all know that they will break the boundries some more so relax. I cannot wait to see them live on the 20th. You will want to hit the repeat button for the next couple of months. We may actually have the potential number one album of the year the first week into the year.

[mp3] : Animal Collective – My Girls

[mp3] : Animal Collective – Bluish

[mp3] : Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

(all asked to be taken down by my dear frend webby)

Rating: 9.8

  • Blah

    wasn’t My Girls called House for the past year or so while they’ve been playing it live. pretty sure it was.

    can’t wait to see them in LA later in january. top band.

  • Banshee Beat

    Yeah it was called house, just to let you know

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  • Tart

    “Even my 8 year old brother knows the words!!! ”

    If that’s not a recommendation for a song I don’t know what is. 🙂

    Great post, thanks for writing a music fan blog to encourage folks to go out and buy music and not just another mp3/album download site — you know, the kind that websheriff SHOULD be after instead of people like us!


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