We All Want Someone’s Favorite Albums of 2008: #40-31

By Will Oliver, January 10th 2009 — with 1 comment MP3

If you missed out #50-41 just click here. I described the list there so read up folks! Remember it’s my favorite albums, not something I claim to be the best of 2008. They just may be though. Heh. Check them out:

#40. Be Your Own Pet – Get Awkward

Why did Be Your Own Pet have to break up? Quite unfortunate. This album continues their take on angry yet fun garage rock. Some songs are fast, some are actually sincere at parts showcasing Jemina Pearl’s really great voice. These songs are just straight up fun, and it is a shame this will be their last outing.

[mp3] : Be Your Own Pet – Becky

39. Foals – Antidotes

Foals do qutie interesting things with guitars. I read somewhere they don’t use any power chords in their entire debut album. I can believe it. The album is full of creative songs with some unique guitar playing that creatives an almost tropical/African feel. The guitars play off each other, working together to create one hell of a sound. The songs are very fresh, and I don’t see any other bands really doing what they are doing right now.

[mp3] : Foals – Red Socks Pugie

38. The Kooks – Konk

The Kooks debut album “Inside In/Inside Out” was one hell of a fun debut. The Kooks followed up just like we all wanted them to with catchy tunes with big singalongs such as ‘Always Where I Want To Be’ and ‘Mr. Maker’. However the true standout is the outstanding ‘See The Sun’ which showcased the band at a totally different level. If they can make more songs like that, they will be making some of the best pop-rock songs in Britiain easily.

[mp3] : The Kooks – See The Sun

37.    Okkervil River – The Stand Ins

Okkervil River’s follow up to The Stage Names was a successful one. It is nothing really “new” for the Will Sheff fronted band but the song did deliver my favorite song of theirs to date: ‘Lost Coastlines’. There is some moments where the band rocks out here which adds a really nice element alongside Will Sheff’s vocals and witty lyrics. These guys are building a larger fan base with each album, and I am becoming a bigger one with each album.

[mp3] : Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines

36. Air France – No Way Down EP

I have to thank pitchfork for this one. Before their rave review of Air France’s EP I had never heard of the band. This EP is filled with some truly gorgous music. Blissful music building up and exploding into a vibrant music landscape. It takes you away from whatever mindset you are in and send’s you off to whatever your idea of paradise is. This is music at it’s finest moment. (That cover is a perfect choice for the music btw!)

[mp3] : Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep

35. Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

Hot Chip continue their winning streak of electronic/dance music. ‘Ready For The Floor’ was easily the best electronic song I hear all year, at one point it was practically all I listened to. The album surprised me with a mix of dance floor ready bangers along with some more tender ballads. The album mixes rock and alt a lot better than people think. Keep the hits coming boy!

[mp3] : Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

34.    Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue

Born Ruffians debut album was quite an enjoyable one. Their live performance opening for Vampire Weekend at Central Park impressed me and the album kept their quirky indie rock vibe going strong. The vocals are yelpy in a good way, some songs are bouncy while others are strummed with rapid intensity. There is a lot of cool stuff going on in this album. This didn’t get too much press in 2008, it is a shame they are doing what a lot of tired indie bands do a lot better.

[mp3] : Born Ruffians – Hummingbird

33.    Sun Kil Moon – April

Mark Kozelek’s band brings one hauntingly beautiful album to us in 2008. This music is long and sometimes dark but it creates quite vivid imagery that will stay with you. The acoustic guitars, his vocals, they all play a role in the hypnotizing album that April is. This is probably one of the best rainy day albums you can find. Some good music right here.

[mp3] : Sun Kil Moon – The Light

32.    Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules and Love Affair

Disco is back! Well sorta in the most modern way possible. This is some groovy music that only DFA could bring to us. This is some of the coolest dance music to come my way. Not many times have I heard something retro like disco become modern music that is Herccules and Love Affair. Antony’s vocals strangly fit in perfectly. Of all people, who thought his voice would work?

[mp3] :  Hercules And Love Affair – Hercules Theme

31.    M83 – Saturdays = Youth

M83’s latest outing was a lot diferent from their past work. Although it keeps the same type of electronic/ambient vibe that we all adored this decade, Anthony decided to go about this album with a more typical structure. This works to the bands advantage creating some of the bands best work yet. Listen to ‘Graveyard Girl’, ‘Couleurs’ and ‘Kim & Jessie’ and you will see what I mean.

[mp3] : M83 – Couleurs

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