Wintermitts – Heirloom

By Will Oliver, January 23rd 2009 Other


Wintermitts are a bilingual quintet from Vancouver BC who use a diverse set of instruments along with both English and French lyrics to craft some really delightful pop music. The band has been together since 2005 and they really have produced a familiar yet original sound. Familiar in the sense that this is a bright, warm, indie album. Original in their approach to making their music. They use a wide assortment of instruments such as an accordion and glockenspiel. There are moments where they reminded me of Arcade Fire or Los Campesinos. The band can bring both upbeat, charming, guitar happy pop tracks along with more intimate instrumentals. The fact that they are bilingual is a part of what makes them so special. Although you may not know what they are saying, the music fits so well with the unfamiliar lyrics that you actually enjoy not knowing what they are saying. It adds a sense of mystery that the music helps you clear up in your mind.

The songs are not reinvented rock and roll but rather making an irresistible indie album that they seemed to pull of with ease. Songs like “Mer De l’Atlantique” are enchanting. “Dans” is a true pop gem that stood out to me instantly with hand claps, anxious shouts, and a beat that you could nod along to. Wintermitts have delighted me with the refreshing “Heirloom” and you should invest some time. It will make your day that much better.

[mp3] : Wintermitts – Dans

[mp3] : Wintermitts – Schoolyard

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Chapell - Rockwood
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