SO3 – Lose The Girl [EP]

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2009 — with 3 comments MP3


SO3 were one of the first bands to ever email my blog, and because of that they hold a special spot in my blog. I started this blog at the end of July of 2008, and since then I hate to say I now skip over most emails since it can get a bit…much. Luckily SO3 got to me from the start. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my introductory post for SO3. If not, then I will refresh your memory. SO3 are a band that consists of Mike Artamonov (Guitar & Vocals) and Serge Belongie (Bass & Vocals) out of Los Angeles. (They are currently auditioning drummers) They have been preping for their first EP “Lose The Girl” for a while and it is finally done. They gave me an advanced listen of their EP which isn’t due until later this month or early March.

Taking a step back and looking at this EP as a whole there is a lot of good stuff to pick out. The guitar work here is a clear standout, Mike Artamonov knows how to shred, there is some serious killer guitar work on their songs. The production of the EP is also fantastic, especially for a band’s first EP! “MIA” is a track that they have been using to introduce themselves for months now and rightfully so. It could make a run at some alternative charts in my opinion.  The true standout on the EP was “Sweet Little Girl”. It sums up everything about this band in 6 minutes. The guitar solo at 3:30 would have you think that they have been a band for years, it is that good! You got “Montezuma”, “Streets” and “She” all impressive displays of musicianship. All you other blogs and labels need to take notice of this band. So3 have a lot going for them and are just waiting to be discovered. This is a great EP full of an awesome 25 minutes of rock and roll that everyone and anyone will appreciate i. I don’t just say it because they have become my friends, but because I honestly believe their music deserves to be heard.

For everything on the band including purchase information and streams of the songs visit their website!

[mp3] : So3 – Sweet Little Girl

[mp3] : So3 – MIA

  • Andrew

    The production of the EP is also fantastic, especially for a band’s first EP!

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