That’s right we got another contest set up! For a little blog we have actually managed to have 2 contests!! (craaazy right?) Once again we are working with the powerhouse music store known as insound! Last time we teamed up with them to give away an exclusive Handsome Furs t-shirt and free album download!

However, this time we are here to give you a shot at an exclusive Thermals shirt designed by Bwana Spoons. The winner of the shirt will also win a free download of The Thermal’s new album “Now We Can See”, which will be delivered to the winner via email on the album’s release date (4/09). How bad ass is that? Plus you get the whole album for free! (The album is going to be killer, I can tell!!!!) I love the Thermals so much that I may just have to sign up 100 times as a bunch of different names just so the sick shirt is all mine! I mean, I only would be fighting against what, 4 people? Ok I will stop being so modest!

Anyway you should sign up for the contest right now because free stuff is always good. Plus, there are only 50 of this shirts floating around! Indie-tastic! I will pick a winner on the 13th! So….get to it:

sign up for the contest right now!!!!

[mp3] : The Thermals – Now We Can See

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