[NEW] Muse – United States Of Eurasia

By Will Oliver, July 21st 2009 — with 5 comments MP3

Muse can always be counted on to deliver rock music that is bombastic and epic.  Their grand fashion is part of what makes them memorable. How many bands could honestly pull off a song like “Knights Of Cydonia”?

Muse’s new album The Resistance is almost out, and a new song is finally out there. It is called “United States Of Eurasia”. I Love the strings, they give the song almost an ancient desert vibe. I almost hear a bit of Queen in the vocals and guitars here! Matt’s vocals shine as usual….

I’m really enjoying it, and cannot wait to hear the rest. Finally new Muse!!!!

[mp3] : Muse – United States Of Eurasia

  • Josh

    Almost? That song IS Bohemian Rhapsody…

  • Brecht

    Yeah, everybody compares the song to Queen. But it isn’t a bad thing, Muse are one of the few bands who can pull that off!

  • http://deaconrosedesign.com.au Deacon

    I’m a massive Muse fan. Massive. But that is awfully disappointing. I hope that’s not the first single. Or any single for that matter.

  • Chris

    Not that much of a Muse fan then. I would replace the word massive with slight if I were you Deacon. I really like the new song and even I wouldn’t call myself a “massive” Muse fan, I would say I was quite a big Muse fan, enough to appreciate pretty much anything they’ll ever churn out because of how talented they are, so don’t talk shit by saying you are a massive Muse fan when you are quite clearly not.

  • Sean Evans

    Yeah, we may just get guest appearances by Brian May on the tour and possibly Matt will walk out in a leotard with a fake moustache on…. possibly.
    They are a supergroup now, up there with Queen, Led Zep and Yes. ( he waits for the firestorm…!)

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