Kid Cudi – Up, Up, And Away (The Wake And Bake Song)

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2009 — with 5 comments MP3

I’m really starting to enjoy Kid Cudi’s debut album more and more very slowly. Every day I find new appreciation for another track. Right now “Up, Up, And Away (The Wake And Bake Song)” is satisfying my musical needs. What a realy cool guitar riff. The cool thing about Cudi is that he raps over anything. Here you got him rapping over a rock track, making it smooth and natural.

That is what Cudi brings to the game, and this is why he got praised to death. Rightfully so, this song is really good. Great chorus, great production, great album closer.

This song in up, up, and away from any rap on the radio right now. Cudi has a good reason to be waking and baking.

[mp3] : Kid Cudi – Up, Up, And Away (The Wake And Bake Song)

Cudi is playing at my college next month along with Third Eye Blind (random eh?). Can’t wait to check him out now that he is riding all this praise!!

  • Elena

    binghamton? i saw this and i realized he’s playing at my school too! hahah
    pursuit of happiness is dominating!

  • DP

    if you ask me “Simple As (ABC)” is the hottest track on the album…followed closely by the one you posted. I’ve been preaching Kudi to all of my hipster indie folk freak whatnot friends for over a year now…glad this is getting out and that he did some tracks with established artists too (Ratatat and MGMT).

  • leanne

    i have a question! what IS that guitar riff in the intro of Up Up and Away?? it’s so awesome i had to google it and i got to this website

  • A Damn!

    I second DP’s comment – Simple As… is absolutely the hottest track on the album!! I only wish it were at least twice as long – killer beats, great lyrics, tight delivery and nicely balanced production = a great f*cking track that Kid Cudi should have realized coulda been the best single on the album and treated it as such. It’s a hot f*ckin’ track!

  • Cassi

    kid cudi & third eye blind are both playing at your college?
    theyre both the shiiiittt.

    luckkyy. ;]

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