[new] Burial – Fostercare

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2009 — with 14 comments MP3

I can truly say that Burial’s music is unlike any other. He effortless creates mood with his dark dubstep sounds. Bass and electronic samples and sounds are all that he uses, yet he creates more mood and atmosphere than any other musician out there.

Burial’s true identity was once unknow, creating plenty of discussions about who he is. This often took away from his music. So last year he finally emerged from the shadows, telling the world that his true identity was William Bevan, a young lad from South London who just liked to make music.

If you have not heard his amazing 2007 Untrue, you are missing out! I don’t care if you are not a fan of dubstep or electronic flavored music. Hell, I’m not either! Burial’s stuff is too good to be passed over, regardless of your musical taste. If you like music that creates atmosphere and emotions, listen to Burial.

Although there is no album in sight as far as I know, he has a new song coming out on a dubstep compilation titled 5: 5 Years of Hyperdub. The song is called “Fostercare” and it is dark, emotional stuff. True Burial.

[mp3] : Burial – Fostercare

buy burial’s records @ insound | visit burial on myspace

  • Scary Larry

    get ready for a takedown notice, dickwad.

  • Will

    yea…ill take it down. just who may you be though mr. scary?

    if you are a representative for a label, you guys sure do have some interesting tactics lol.

  • Sky

    Because of this post I just bought a copy of untrue from iTunes. So if you are from a label speak up and have this blog take down this post so I (and many others) will know what not to buy in the future.

  • Scary Larry

    If you’d like to see what track the label promoed from this compilation, go stream it at 20JazzFunkGreats.

  • ollie t

    wow, will. i didn’t realize how harsh the critics of your blog could be. Burial has good crossover appeal for the headz that wouldn’t normally give dubstep a chance. I happen to think burial is way more “garage” than “dubstep” (dubstep in the way that digital mystikz and co. happen to rep their sound), but that’s just a superficial distinction anyway.

    In addition to the compilation that hyperdub is putting out, they are releasing 5 vinyl ep’s with exclusive tracks. 5.1, 5.2, and 5.4 should all be available right now with the other two coming out within the next couple of weeks. I plan on getting ’em all, so you can check them out sometime soon. Hyperdub has some of the most interesting output within the current electronic music scene, and the comp. will be a good chance to get updated on the most important musical movement today (imo).

    bigup for this post. and who buys tunes without previewing them first?? surely “sky” could have youtubed any one of burial’s untrue tracks and have figured out “what not to buy in the future”.

  • http://none Mr. Not Scary

    Before you start calling the owner of this blog a “dickwad” perhaps you should do some research about pirating: http://arstechnica.com/media/news/2009/04/study-pirates-buy-tons-more-music-than-average-folks.ars

    Oddly enough, people who pirate music the most also buy it the most! I think the music labels must have some kind of auto-immune disease if they are set on taking down their biggest customers…

  • DubstepDon

    This blog – 1
    Scary Larry – 0

    Love burial, can’t wait for hyperdub compilation. gonna be MEGA.

  • Scary Larry


    Who cares about your little study on who buys music? That’s not the point. The post is that this is not cleared for posting. END OF STORY. Show some fucking respect to the label and the artist.

    Just because you find things on the internet does not mean you should throw all of your ethics out the window.

  • >:L


    honestly are u like some fbi agent whose gonna kill ppl who post songs on teh intranets honestly take a pill that leads to chill no one frickin cares its a movement thats started since ’96 one way or another as u try to make will take this ish down theres gonna be like 5 maybe 30 other sites who posted this shiz before u even came searchin for such shiit

  • http://spinastudios.com torka

    awesome track!! ^__^

  • BodieBroadus

    No-one on this blog has any time for you scary larry.

    Theres nothing worse than someone whose both uninformed and opinionated.

    Jog right on.

  • http://sundaymorningrevival.blogspot.com Theo

    Not really that Scary too be honest. And seriously, who says ‘dickwad’?

  • Angela

    “Fostercare” on the 5: Five Years of Hyperdub compilation (2009), Hyperdub

  • Hairy Larry

    Hurr durr I don’t actually read peoplles blogs, I just tell them when they have to remove them

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