Atlas Sound – Virtual 7″

By Will Oliver, November 11th 2009 MP3


Atlas Sound (a.k.a.) Bradford Cox put up a virtual 7″ of two new songs on his blog. The virtual 7″ features “Doctor” which is a Five Discs Cover, and a new Atlas Sound song called “The Screens”

They are both highly enjoyable tracks that should help me soundtrack my boring Wednesday night. I am procrastinating on work, and listening to lazy/chill Atlas Sound songs like “The Screens” doesn’t help the process! The Fave Discs Cover is pretty upbeat. Sounds like it could have been a pretty retro track. Turns out that is because they are a doo-wop group from the 50’s. Makes sense now!

Atlas Sound have had a pretty good 2009. Cool releases like this, plus a fantastic album like Logos will make for a good year. Especially when you write amazing songs like “Shelia“.

Listen to them below, or head over to Atlas Sound’s blog to download it.

[mp3] : Atlas Sound – Doctor (Five Discs Cover)

[mp3] : Atlas Sound – The Screens

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