Animal Collective – Bleeding (Live)

By Will Oliver, November 12th 2009 MP3

I am still waiting to hear Animal Collective’s new EP, Fall Be Kind. In the meantime, we have the Brother Sport single to hold us over. It comes with a live version of Bleeding, a track off the Fall Be Kinde EP. The live version was recording in California during their tour earlier this year.

The live version is extended to almost 9 minutes with echoing layered vocals from Avery and Panda Bear. The song breaks down into trippy/hectic sounds that almost sound like the Smoke Monster from Lost. They also add parts of “What Would I Want? Sky” towards the end of the song, paving the transition.

I have seen them live three times, and this song probably gives you a good indication of what to expect from them live. The songs get extended, samples from other songs are added, and minds are blown!

[mp3] : Animal Collective – Bleeding (Live)

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