[NEW] Liars – Scissor

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2009 — with 3 comments MP3

I was over at the Liars website and noticed that there was a nice link for an mp3 download to get “Scissor”, a song off their new album Sisterworld. It is the album’s opener and what a fucking job it does of setting the tone!

The song starts off with apocalyptic choir like singing (think parts TVOTR/Elbow) that creeps me out. Then midway it breaks out into a familiar Liars like jam that casts an even bigger shower on the sinister opener.

This is dark, dark, stuff. I have it on loop, and I am trying to map my mind around everything. I am very impressed so far. This song is tight, tight. tight!!! I cannot wait to hear the rest of Sisterworld!

[mp3] : Liars – Scissor

  • http://twitter.com/NRYC Naraya

    Hey I love this. Pretty cool writing and thanks for mp3! 🙂

  • http://www.myspace.com/kyostimusic kyosti

    Yeah, pretty crazy eh? I’ve been waiting for some new liars ever since I went through all their discography this year! It’s always good to hear something from these guys, because it’s always fresh and interesting. I need this album!

  • http://www.knoxroad.com Jamie

    Didn’t notice until after we posted, but you guys were all over this one! Nice catch!

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