27 Songs from Barcelona

By Will Oliver, January 4th 2010 News Video

Every then and again, a band finds a new way to make use of the Internet and supply us with a kick-ass way to release an album. It started with Radiohead, then blossomed to big bands like Nine Inch Nails to plenty of other small bands out there. It has revolutionized the way music is spread these days, and there is no reason not to.

Sweeden’s very own I’m From Barcelona would agree with what I just said! They just announced a very creative project, and album, known as 27 Songs From Barcelona. After being inspired by Kiss releasing 4 solo albums in 1978  the band decided to try and modernize the idea. I’m From Barcelona is not exactly…a tiny band. With a whooping 27 members, you would have to expect a bigger album. That’s just what they gave us!

Starting on January 27th (appropriate!), 2010 the band will release a song for free download on imfrombarcelona.com for 27 days. The album will also be available for purchase as a sweet triple vinyl. The album is sure to be an eclectic one as it features songs from each member, however they wanted to do it! It started as an idea from the bands very own member Emanuel, and branched out into a pretty creative idea! The only rule for each member’s song was that there was “no rules” and that probably is going to result in one eclectic group of songs.

The band posted this video to enlighten their fans, and inform the world of their project. You can get a taste of what you can expect to hear from the album in the video, and it sounds excellent!!!!

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