Introducting: The Tins

By Will Oliver, March 16th 2010 — with 8 comments Introducing MP3

Is there a better feeling than finding a talented new band? Not for me. Every so often music fans come across a  young band that is far from amateur. They dazzle you from the start and make you wonder how they are not bigger. This is how I feel about a fantastic band from Buffalo, NY called The Tins. It with great excitement that I introduce these guys to you.

My introduction to The Tins was when they came  to play at my college for a small underground show. They opened for Brooklyn band Via Audio, and to be honest The Tins did a lot more for me that night than Via Audio ever will. The Tins, consisting of Adam Putzer on guitar/vocals, Mike Santillo on keyboard/vocals, and Dave Muntner on the drums. They were three friends who met at Binghamton University (where I go to school), and have since formed out of Buffalo NY. They have been playing together for about 4 years now, and are finally releasing their debut self titled EP.

The 5 song EP is self titled, and recorded at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock. Adam and Mike’s duel vocals remind me of two of my favorite groups: Wolf Parade and The Raconteurs. Adam even confirmed Spencer Krug/Jack White as some of his many influences. Both of their vocals are equally strong, but different enough to add a different feeling to each song. You can tell that these boys are a tight knit group with their chemistry as a group flowing out of the songs. They play off each others strengths, utilizing all the necessary skills to make great songs.

The standout on the EP is the stellar “The Green Room”. It is a 7 minute epic that is finely constructed. It features great bridge transitions, hooks, and tight instrumentation.  The Green Room is quite an impressive song to have on your debut EP. For me, it’s an easy front runner for my favorite song of 2010. June Avenue is an exiting rocker with tons of passion and soul that earns their comparisons to Wolf Parade. Tell me that Mike Santillo doesn’t sound like Spencer Krug during his “ooh ooh oooh oh”‘s. The band has strong songwriting chops, and I have not stopped playing the EP since I received it.

The Tins are writing more material right now while they live in isolation upstate in Buffalo. Posted below is The Green Room along with another fantastic song off the EP, June Avenue. All courtesy of Adam who gave full permission to share these songs. Go to their myspace to stream the rest of the songs off the EP. Be their friend on facebook while your at it. Look at for the official release of the EP, on April 10th. Stay tuned for more info on it.

[mp3] : The Tins – The Green Room
[mp3] : The Tins – June Avenue

  • heylucas

    wow, great band!

  • Will

    Saw these guys play at Binghamton University with Turbines and Via Audio. They were great!

  • Will

    Yep that was the show I was at!

  • Bruce Warren

    Great find. Totally digging these songs. Can’t wait to hear the rest of their stuff – Bruce

  • Spencer

    All I can say is wow

  • Tommy

    these guys have the most important quality a band can have: songwriting skills.

  • Moyetes

    THOUGH I READ THIS BLOG CONSTANLY, I skipped this post but had the chance to read the PMA post about them and came straight here because of the reference Luis made.

    THANK GOD YOU POSTED ANOTHER SONG… I can’t wait for this EP; the band sounds incredible… as always, thanks!!!!

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