• WillDewBadley

    ‘Bout f*@%ing time somebody said this. Since when do bloggers consider themselves writers? I mean, there are plenty of writers that are bloggers, but I don’t think there are any bloggers who are writers.

  • Will

    You are right not all bloggers and writers. However, many bloggers are writers who just happen to blog. I myself love to write and hope to continue to do so someday. I think that blogging is a great way to express one’s thoughts, and to improve on your writing. So either way, it’s a good thing imo.

    There are plenty of bloggers who are writers though.

  • Will

    You like to troll my blog don’t you Chris. I’m honored, your my first troll. 😀

Chapell August 17 at Rockwood 8pm

Chapell - Rockwood
BMG Music Presents Chapell is celebrating - having recently signed to Fieldhouse / BMG music. Debut album "The Redhead's Allegations" produced by Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison. Last NYC performance in 2016 prior to national tour with a huge iconic band (its still a secret) Come to Rockwood Music Hall on August 17 @8pm

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Monday Morning Matinee

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