Lissie – Bad Romance (Lady GaGa Cover)

By Will Oliver, April 3rd 2010 — with 15 comments Covers Video

Check out this outstanding cover of “Bad Romance” by Illinois singer/songwriter Lissie. It is a great cover of the song that will have even the tightest hipsters singing along. This is my introduction to Lissie, but trust me I will be posting more about her in the future because she is something special. This cover is live, which makes it that much more incredible.

Check out the video below. I included a mp3 download too. Enjoy!

[mp3] : Lissie – Bad Romance (Lady GaGa Cover)

Saw it at Battery In Your Leg

  • WillDewBadley

    I’ve heard too many Lady Gaga covers lately. This just doesn’t elicit a reaction. Perhaps you could post something about her original work.

  • K

    3STM just covered this same song. I am a bit O.D’d on Lady Gaga at the moment too. I do like her voice though. Never heard of her before. Was getting her confused with Lissy Trullie for a second there as well.

  • teodora

    lady gaga ,cover all , by wssl

  • WillDewBadley

    Kay, listened to some of her stuff, and turns out she’s pretty awesome. She also grew up across the river from the town I grew up in. I am upset that I left the quad cities right before Day trotter and picked up because now it is a freaking hub for indie music.

  • Will

    I’m gonna get a post on her soon. Hang tight man!

  • Kathleen

    Nice voice and good musicality – in terms of the song, its a cover – and an uninspired imitation at best! Lacks any real originality … would prefer to judge her as an artist based on some original pieces. The last 20s of the song has me wanting to hear HER work as it shows creativity.

  • Elena

    Thanks for this. She’s awesome. I dislike Lady Gaga but I like her.

  • Keith Loh

    The song of Lissie’s that I’ve been listening to over and over again (and bought) is “Little Lovin'”. It’ll make you a believer.

  • Tessa

    You’re absolutely right. I am so far from a Lady Gaga fan. I can’t stand her music. However, this cover fucking rocks. It matters whose mouth it’s coming out of sometimes but at the same time the lyrics are pretty weak. It’s cool though. To each his/her own. Lissie is great though because she’s got soul and a good harshness to her.

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