Question Of The Day: How Many Songs Do You Have?

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2010 — with 34 comments Other

I was looking through my itunes collection and I realized that I have a lot of music. A lot of stuff that I could go without. So I deleted some, added some of the new stuff that came today, etc. I was still left with a pretty absurd number, and wanted to know your figures. So here is my question of the day: How many songs do you have on itunes? How much space does it take up? Leave a comment with your answer below.

I’ll go first: 13,263 (the sad part is that I trimmed it down earlier today), 84.03 GB, 36 days of music.

  • TJ

    I added a bunch today, and am terrible at getting rid of music (I always manage to convince myself that I’ll listen to it someday), but…

    15415 items, 83.94 GB, approx. 42 days of music (that includes a few music videos)

  • Jon

    im a light weight, i only have around 2900 songs and it takes up to about 12gb’s , and its on my ZUNE! not itunes, im one of the very few 🙂

  • JJ

    A little under 13000, 65.46 GB, about 35.7 days.

  • guerolito

    16158 songs…a total of 98.65 Gb.

  • Matt

    9127 24.2 days 49.37gb

  • Frank

    I do need to do a spring cleaning, but I use Winamp to play my music and iTunes for my iPod/iPhone and they both report differently.

    iTunes – 19,820 songs | 52 Days | 140.5GB
    Winamp – 20,072 songs | 1,234 Artists | 2,017 Albums

  • Steven

    30,777 songs – 163.1 GB

  • Daniél

    15345 songs, 46.4 days, 97,03 GB.

  • Will

    Wow, I am not even that bad now that I see the rest of your stats. Damn!

  • Sam

    I seem to be around everyone else, 12257 songs, 33 days, 86GB.

  • Stuart

    Okay, didn’t realise I was this far ‘ahead’

    61,242 songs / 163.7 days.

    I gotta delete some stuff.

  • wee

    Yup, I don’t feel so bad.
    I have 4518 – and I’m planning to get rid a huge chunk of it.

  • mick

    36.670….a mere 121 GB….frightening…

  • Kahron

    18,527 songs…..113.78 GB…..that is just what is actually on the hard drive for this Macbook I’m using. I have another hard drive filled with stuff I don’t listen to much anymore: old Tupac, 80’s music, Wilco.

  • Caleb

    21,152 songs :: 190.66 GB (i try to get lots of high resolution lossless files)

  • frank

    ah..err..i’m 38, so i have accumulated a lot.
    65, 235 songs (200.9 days) = 422.31 gigs.
    : )

  • ParallelComics

    I guess I am kind of a newb, all I’ve got is 8,618 songs. (20.9 days, 35.75 GB)

  • Valentin23

    14647 songs >>>> 152 Go

    ( And 350 Go of Movies, Tv Shows and Manga ^^ : 884 files =) )

  • Anonymous

    Wow… I’m embarrassed. 3610 for 22 Gbs. I did just probably delete over 1000 songs, though.

  • Tatiana

    Gee! just a little more than 7,000 for 40GB…

    loved the new layout! 🙂

  • Tim W.

    427 GB…I keep them cleared out of iTunes, so I’m not sure how many days that is…probably a lot of days.

  • Josh

    18654 songs, 65.2 days, 122.84 GB

  • RaRaRadiation

    407 songs, 2.8 GB. I just manually add and remove stuff on my iPod (I don’t save anything on my computer), since it’s just a tiny portion of songs from CDs I own and a few mp3s. =/

  • WillDewBadley

    12742 songs, 33.4 days, 62.78 GB

  • Harves

    I have 3948 songs and I own a ZUNE too AND i Live in the UK! How weird is that… a zune in the uk?!? They truly are the best!

  • Will

    Thanks for all the great responses guys. You all make me look like a lightweight. Looks like you guys should be the one blogging!

  • Ardulo

    My collection primarily consists of lossless files; approx. 80% from own cd collection…

    After just adding Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor (finally!), it rounds up to 18846 songs (55.3 days / 505.7 GB)

  • Amanda

    Mine (and I don’t even have a lot of stuff imported over. It’s sitting here in a pile of discs on my desk, taunting me)

    11,081 songs, or 31.7 days of music

  • Amanda

    Oops – left off, 73.61 GB.

  • steve b

    19,182 songs 47.4 days , 82.85g
    i also have a stack of approx 700-800 cds awaiting uploading.cant see it ever happening.
    as for my vinyl……

  • David Y

    7593 items – 20.6 days – 44.86 gbs
    I wish it was all great music

  • robotor

    10060, (323 hours, 32 minutes) after trimming down. but it’s not the number that counts, it’s what you actually have and listen to that’s important, is what I think.

  • Jason Petersen

    I recently converted everything down to 128kps. So I have 30,676 songs, 123.84GB of music, 84.5 days.

  • darren

    8272 (25.6 days, 53.28GB)

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