Introducing: Jetskiis

By Will Oliver, May 3rd 2010 Band To Watch Introducing MP3

I love getting band recommendations from friends & from stranger. It is impossible to find everything by myself, so it is always helpful when a friend recommends a fresh new act for me to check out. This happened this weekend when my friend Broker sent me an email with the title of “check out this band”. The only thing in the e-mail was a link to the myspace page of a band called Jetskiis. If your reading this Broker, thank you very much!

Jetskiis are a fresh band straight out of San Francisco who are bound for greatness. They make affecting music that hits the listener hard. Most of the other bloggers who have picked up on these guys as well are comparing Jetskiis to the xx. I can somewhat understand this because Jetskiis music borders between post-rock and r&b similar to the xx. Arousing vocals, sensuous bass lines, and space guitar riffs all add up to a special sound that people are bound to fall in love with. Jetskiis find a way to balance dance influences with their emotional tensions that add up to something worthwhile of your time.

This was the bio that they posted on their myspace:

Last year JETSKIIS was formed by a singer living under house arrest, a bassist without a valid mailing address, two recently unemployed drummers, and a guitarist in the midst of a gender epiphany.

Sounds like a group of people who are bound to make some creative sounds, right?

Jetskiis are a fairly new band with only three songs on their myspace. They are currently working on their debut album Spraycation, which was recorded by Jeremy Black of Apollo Sunshine. I posted the three songs below. If you are not moved in someway by a song like “Bodymore”, then you are missing out on some fresh sounds my friend.

[mp3]:Jetskiis – Bodymore
[mp3]: Jetskiis – Moonlight Kawasaki Ride
[mp3]: Jetskiis – Reaganomics

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