We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2010…So Far

By Will Oliver, July 4th 2010 — with 77 comments Other

With the 4th of July already here, its scares me to say 2010 is half way done. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was desperately waiting to hear Contra. That feels like so long ago now. Just goes to show you just how much music is out there now.

These are the 50 songs I’ve been giving warm love to all year. My hope is that you will find a few new songs that you will treasure. Or maybe you will re-consider a song that you passed over before. Either way, this is my list as honest as it comes. Only one artist got repeated on this list, and if any this year, they are deserving of two picks. You’ll figure out who it is…

So here it is, my favorite 50 songs of the year so far. Use it as a late 4th of July Playlist, or as the soundtrack for your next drive to the beach. I posted a ZIP file of all the songs at the end of the post, that way you can have them all in one convenient space. You can also just hit play and let the songs play through. Enjoy:

1. The Morning Benders – Excuses
2. The National – Conversation 16
3. Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill
4. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Sink/Let It Sway
5. Villagers – Becoming A Jackal
6. The Tins – The Green Room
7. Chief – Night & Day
8. Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know
9. Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo
10. The National – Lemonworld
11. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change
12. Vampire Weekend – Diplomat’s Son
13. All The Damn Kids – Echoes
14. Yeasayer – O.N.E.
15. Stornoway – Zorbing
16. Young Empires – Rain Of Gold
17. Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
18. Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues
19. Delorean – Grow
20. Hot Chip – I Feel Better
21. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
22. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round And Round
23. Free Energy – Bang Pop
24. Battles – The Line
25. Spoon – Out Go The Lights
26. Wavves – Green Eyes
27. Kanye West – Power (Feat. Dwele)
28. The Coral – 1000 Years
29. Broken Bells – The High Road
30. MGMT – Siberian Breaks
31. Arctic Monkeys – Joining The Dots
32. Blake Mills – Hey Lover
33. Big Boi – Shine Blockas (Feat. Gucci Mane)
34. Caribou – Odessa
35. Glass Vaults – Forget Me Not
36. Distractions – All Night
37. The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire
38. GROUPLOVE – Colours
39. The Soft Pack – Mexico
40. Tanlines – Real Life
41. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar
42. Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed
43. of Montreal – Coquet Coquette
44. Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking…
45. Jónsi – Go Do
46. Surfer Blood – Take It Easy
47. Sleigh Bells – Crown On the Ground
48. Cults – Go Outside
49. Pantha Du Prince – Stick To My Side (Feat. Panda Bear)
50. Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

Here is a new zip download of all the songs for you guys (as of 9/9): ZIP

  • http://frenchstereo.tumblr.com/ Val23

    Good Choices ; )

  • http://www.twitter.com/heylucas Lucas

    i’m downloading these songs, cause there are many bands that i dont know.. 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/anthonym190 Anthony

    Thank you for all the wonderful music. I’ve discovered so many bands and songs that have come to mean the world to me via your insights. Thank you.

  • Nina

    Really like seeing Delta Spirit up there. Been hooked on them since I saw them open for the Shins in ’09. Saw them at the Bowery last Wednesday; it was massive-dance-party-with-Matt-Vasquez awesome at the end. Their new album is great!

  • Sam

    GROUPLOVE yes!

  • http://pastaprima.net laurent

    lots I hadn’t heard before which is always nice! So happy to see Young Empires on this list. well deserved!

  • Will

    Thanks for reading the list guys, and I’m real glad people are digging it so far!

  • Tim W.

    Love the 20 or so songs I know on the list, so I’m pretty excited to hear the 30 I don’t!

  • http://www.thekelseytaylor.com Kelsey Taylor

    Loved this list. Well done

  • Will

    thank you kelsey 😀

  • http://youtube.com/fireballmcnamara brendan


    thank you.

    very much.

    the scoring on my lazy Monday as the breeze slinks through the leaves and past the eaves on this home of mine is quite a blessing…



  • WillDewBadley

    Good list. A few surprise picks. Like, less popular songs off a popular album. However I would like to have seen something off the Roots new album up there. You should give it a listen if you haven’t yet.

  • Will


    Thanks. Glad you like the “surprise picks”. Usually people get mad if you choose something not expected, you know?

    I admit I haven’t listened to that yet. It’s up next on my to do list though, I promise!

  • http://www.bohsandos.com hampsterdam

    I love how every list I see of top songs seems to list a different beach house song, usually in the top 10. says a lot about the quality of “teen dream” as a full album.

  • Kristine

    I would start a blog…but you already posted everything i would possibly want to post! Great taste mate!

  • Aaron


    I’m halfway through and this playlist is as solid as they come. You’ve got great taste in music and that’s all there is to it. Is there any way you can post like a 50-100 list or a follow-up? I’ve been dying to hear new music that doesn’t waste my time, and this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks so much man.

  • http://imtrailingoffagain.blogspot.com yr ex lover

    this is tight. & just lovely. keep this kind of stuff comin’ please 🙂
    happy summer.
    ~~~peace like a river~~~~~

  • http://www.ladylazarus.blogg.se liz

    yes! i’ll add these to my spotify-list. thank you.

  • http://zekebud.wordpress.com Matt

    Great list up there. I was wondering – have you heard the new Foals album? I’d say that “Spanish Sahara” is certainly up there in my mind. However, thanks again for your musical taste and a chance to discover more great bands!

  • Marcello Manso

    Thank you so much. A friend of mine sent me here and I’m amazed with all those great bands I’m discovering now. Cheers from Brasil.

  • Will

    @Kristine – Thanks but if you want to do it, then start one!

    @Aaron – Thanks as well, my guess is sit tight for the year end list, or a summer playlist or something, Maybe I will do best of the quarter lists too…we shall see

    @Matt – “Spanish Sahara” would have been like # 51, 52…it just missed it.

    @Marcello – Wow thank you for visiting my blog all the way from Brazil. I’m honored.

    I’m just overwhelmed by the great response this list has been better, thanks to all of you. When compiling this list I wasn’t sure how people would respond to it. I’m really glad you guys liked it. Motives me to keep this blog going stronger an harder every day.

    <3 all of you!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBRV-r2YPIQ Beanieman

    There’s a hilarious parody version of Kanye West’s new song Power on You Tube by Tubbychubcakes. Search Kanye West Tubbychubcakes on You Tube to see it.

  • Aaron

    Also, for what it’s worth, some other albums with solid tracks this year IMO are: The Black Keys’ Brothers, Massive Attack’s Heligoland, Portugal. The Man’s American Ghetto, OK Go’s Of The Blue Colour of the Sky, Broken Social Scene’s Forgiveness Rock Record, and The New Pornographers’ Together. Dunno what your thoughts are.

  • david

    Holy Smokes – This is by far the best compilation of new music I have ever heard. Sure there are some well known and obvious bands but for the most part this is an eye opening experience and an opportunity to hear great songs that you’d never hear otherwise. Even “pretty good” tunes are elevated to a new level by being a part of the whole.

  • Dave

    all great songs!

  • Will

    @David – thanks a lot, thats quite a statement. that was exactly my goal, and the fact that you feel that way makes me feel really proud.

  • Pedro

    Well done!! great list. I’ve been hearing to it on repeat.
    Keep sharing your good taste. its a bless.
    Greetings from Portugal!

  • http://itsapatternnotaphase.blogspot.com Nick

    Thanks for posting a zip. Can’t wait to give this a listen.

  • Edgar

    Is anyone else having trouble unzipping the ZIP file? I’d really like to have these songs on my iTunes :[

  • http://middleclasswhitenoise.wordpress.com Samuel

    I feel like the only person that really didn’t like Sleigh Bells new album.

    Bunch of great songs here, though and great picks. I forgot some of these even came out in 2010.

  • mdwstsfsd

    It says you’re out of bandwith on box.net homie! I can’t get to the .zip file.

  • Will
  • Pedro

    oops… now I can’t ear it directly from the blogpage… I never download the songs due to websense restrictions…

  • Becca

    thank you so much for introducing me to Zorbing by Stornoway!!! AMAZING SONG

  • Iwasthinking

    Hey guys, thanks for the great job you do, each time I check a great song it comes from your blog, You are the new dj’s, back fomr the 60’s to give some kicks in our heart and our feets with these great songs. Ciao

  • Will

    @ Becca – my pleasure

    @iwasthinking – I’m glad your digging the blog. Just want you to know there is only one person who runs this blog :-p

  • http://................. jefferson

    solid list, just time to branch out man!

  • Tommy C

    surprised at no Crystal Castles?

  • Will

    Tom, “Celestica” just missed making it by 3-4 picks haha

  • whiskeybent

    I’d add “King of Spain” by the Tallest Man on Earth and “Expecto Patronum!” by Clark Understudy & the Stage Left.

  • Seth

    awesome list!!!
    can you post a .rar for us mac people? or how does one unzip a zip on a mac

  • Seth

    can you post a .rar for us mac people??

    great list, thanks a million

  • Will


    If you just double click a zip file your mac should automatically unzip it for you (via the program archive utility). At least my mac does that.

    Let me know if it still doesn’t work and I’ll figure something out for you.

  • http://lindsayannerickson.blogspot.com Lindsay

    love it, love you

  • Anna

    UM.. actually… WOW!
    I was just browsing around for some new music and you should know – having such great taste and having such an ear for quality music is truly a blessing. Sharing it with other people and getting positive feedback is huge, man, keep it coming! I hope you never lose your love for music!
    It’s truly special

  • Will

    @ Anna

    That may be the nicest/sweetest comment I’ve ever received on this blog. Thanks so much! <3

  • http://www.deftune.com deftune.com

    this is awesome! thank you

  • http://ptechnorati.blogspot.com Paramendra Bhagat

    Awesome. Simply awesome. My first time at your blog. Added you to my blogroll. How did you do this?

  • http://www.last.fm/user/KieronVxu KieronVxu

    made a quick playlist for spotify, everythings not on there but still made for a good list.

  • Maria

    My computer insistently does not like this file. Can I download the tracks individually?

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