[mp3] Dusk Warrior – A Wild Sky

By Will Oliver, September 28th 2010 Other

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Dusk Warrior is the project of mastermind, Nic Shapiro. He’s actually a friend of mine, and it just turns out that he makes some ace music as well. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve posted his music before. Here’s a post I did on him before, as a refresher.

Before I linked you to his myspace page. However, upon speaking to him briefly today, he has decided to allow me to give a song of my choosing as a free download. It was tough for me to decide, but I think “A Wild Sky” sums up what Dusk Warrior is all about. It’s a grand statement of different influences and experiences that tell the story of who Mr. Shapiro is. He’s a unqiue, passionate individual who is full of energy and creativity. This song contains everything about him, all rolled up in a delicious musical package.

Nic always had a great ear for music, and it turns out he can create some amazing sounds as well. Grab the lovely “A Wild Sky” below:

[mp3]: Dusk Warrior – A Wild Sky

Nic is also the drummer from the previously posted band Weird Korea.

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