Listen To Vinyl Rips of Panda Bear’s You Can Count On Me & Alsatian Darn

By Will Oliver, October 12th 2010 — with 15 comments MP3

A vinyl rip has emerged of Panda Bear’s new You Can Count On Me 7″, just a few short hours after samples emerged on amazon.

“You Can Count On Me” is a short but inspirational song featuring harmonies that are equally inspirational and tranquil.

“Alsatian Darn” is an amazing journey through intricate melodies and vocal harmonies that are leaving my mind in a sweet, sweet, daze. I could just call his harmonies beautiful, but even that wouldn’t do them justice. Once again, the b-side emerges as my favorite.

These are decent enough rips of the songs, but I can only imagine how glorious they are going to sound in high quality.

Be sure to pre-order the 7″ from Domino. It’s officially released on October 19th.

Links taken down via Domino’s request. I want to personally apologize to all the parties I have offended by posting the stream. I shouldn’t have streamed them.

  • ryan

    have a feeling, even beyond all of the hype and crazy expectations that arise, that this is going to be a very special record, which will become many people’s favorites. these songs are great.

  • p

    why are you posting these?

  • cthemc

    this is illegal. stop posting this

  • Will

    I realized and took them down immediately this morning. It was a mistake on my part, and I admit it.

  • mike

    You must get tired of taking down streams that you shouldn’t have posted in the first place. Why go through the same sad routine over and over again? Go read a book. It’s more interesting than the internet, trust me.

  • Harry

    Don’t listen to the haters!

  • steven wright

    its even more ironic to have people comment and say “shouldn’t you do something more interesting than be on the internet?”


    you posted this because this is specially cool music that you like and wanted to share with other people for them to enjoy, albeit it does promote you quite a lot, i have no reason to mistrust your intentions! (and chances are anybody arriving at this post did so with the INTENTION TO LISTEN TO THE STREAM, so how can they be so critical?)

  • Daniel

    I’ll be the first to admit- posting unreleased, copyrighted songs is definitely illegal. But if I hear a song on a blog and love it, as I often do here, I’ll most definitely go to the show when they come through Boston and buy a shirt, poster or album. Without these blogs… I wouldn’t hear the songs, wouldn’t go to the shows, wouldn’t buy merch.

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