Best Coast & Wavves – Got Something For You

By Will Oliver, November 16th 2010 — with 4 comments News

Best Coast & Wavves are sort of an item together. They both like to smoke a lot of weed, and have had incredible success this year. Now they’re collaborating for an exclusive Christmas song that will be on a Target Christmas Collaboration album called The Christmas Gig.

Don’t hate, they gotta pay for their weed somehow. The song is called “Got Something For You” and it’s a cheery song with plenty of Christmas cheer. It sounds exactly like what a Best Coast/Wavves collaboration should.

Stream it over at Target.

  • dude

    I can’t tell if you’ve gotten dumber over time or you are trying to copy hipster runoff by messing up so badly on your grammar.

    “and has incredible” has -> have
    “Now their collaborating” their -> they’re
    Mark last sentence for being awkward.

  • Emay

    Dick much? ^^^

  • Will

    Hey “Dude” it happens sometimes. I was blogging in between classes and guess what, I probably could have proof read my stuff better. With that said, thanks for pointing it out.

    Thanks for having my back, Emay.

  • WillDewBadley

    So, this is a pretty whack release right? I mean, Best Coast and Wavves doing something for Target? Or are we just supposed to criticize your grammar.

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