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Deakin Returns To Animal Collective

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010

I’m a little bit backed up on the music news, but I’m playing catch up. Word is that Deakin is officially back in Animal Collective. I couldn’t be happier to hear that. I’m excited to hear his guitars in Animal Collective’s music once again.

When I saw him at CMJ I asked him about his solo material after his set, and he said he should have an EP or something of the like out sometime next year. So there’s that.

Animal Collective will be playing at Barcelona’s San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival and Minehead, England’s All Tomorrow’s Parties next year, and Pitchfork reports that Deakin will be playing with them. Don’t know if we will get any new material from the group just yet. Realistically, we will (hopefully) get Panda Bear’s Tomboy.

[mp3]: Destroyer – Chinatown

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010

Destroyer, the Dan Bejar fronted band, (from The New Pornographers), is releasing a new album on January 25th called Kaputt. He’s offering up “Chinatown”, the fantastic lead off track from Kaputt for free download.

“Chinatown” may just be my favorite offering from Destroyer yet. It’s dreamy layers of sound are putting my mind at rest. The song is causing some childhood memories to re-surface. It’s giving me a nostalgic feel. I don’t know if that’s what Dan is going for, but its working for me.

Lovely piece.

[mp3]: Destroyer – Chinatown

Kaputt comes out on January 25th via Merge Records

[New] Coldplay – Christmas Lights

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010 — with 2 comments

As we hit the first day of December, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit, right? Well we just got a new song from The Killers, and now Coldplay has dropped a Christmas song called “Christmas Lights”.

It’s reminiscent to the Parachutes era Coldplay sound that we first fell in love with. This is certainly one of the better Christmas song I’ve heard. Wonder if this reflects the direction that Coldplay is going to go to with their next LP…

Check out the music video below:

Buy the single on itunes if you’re really feeling the spirit.

Dug up this old Peel Session that Orange Juice did for “Falling Down and Laughing, way back when. These guys should have become so much bigger than they were. They actually just recently released an anthology/box set collection called Coals To Newcastle.

The bassline in the original version of “Falling Down and Laughing” is amazing, however it’s taken to another level on the Peel Session. A part of me thinks that Franz Ferdinand are definitely fans of Orange Juice.

Check it out below:

[mp3]: Orange Juice – Falling Down and Laughing (Peel Session)

[Listen/Watch] The Killers – Boots (A Christmas Song)

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010 — with 2 comments

The Killers have made exclusive Christmas songs for the Charity (Red) . They’ve been doing this for a good 5 years now. Don’t you remember “A Great Big Sled” or “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”?

The latest Christmas special from the Las Vegas boys is “Boots”. It sounds more like a Brandon Flowers single (oddly enough, he’s the only member that shows face in the video). The song doesn’t do much of anything for me, but the video is pretty moving. I was surprised just how moved I was by it’s music video though. It was a great inspirational watch. If anything, watch this video because Starbucks is donating 5 cents to each time the video is viewed via their Starbucks Share program.

It was directed by Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite. Give it a go, below:

[mp3] Emay – Racist On Purpose

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010

Emay has just dropped a new single called “Racist On Purpose” where he puts himself in the shoes of a white supremacist “in order to show how hateful us humans can be based on our insecurities alone”. He tells me it’s his way of getting a message across without preaching. Oh, the beauty of music. The sample is taken from a Mount Eerie song.

Stream/download it below via Vinyl Meltdown:

Wolf Parade Go On Indefinite Hiatus

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2010 — with 1 comment

After seeing Wolf Parade at Terminal 5 with my friends Jason and Shane, I remember telling them that (unfortunately) Wolf Parade would probably go on hiatus soon. Knowing how involved they are with other projects, I had a feeling that it was coming.

Wolf Parade are one of my favorite bands, so I hoped that they would prove me wrong and keep on going strong. Unfortunately the band has announced (through their fan site) that after a small run of tours next year, that they are going to take an indefinite hiatus.

I wouldn’t worry too much. I think Wolf Parade will always be around. It’s just that everyone in the band is just so busy. Spencer’s always got Sunset Rubdown, and Dan has Handsome Furs, who are working on their new album this January (according to Spinner).

So hang tight Wolf Parade fans. Hopefully the wait won’t be long until we get some new Wolf Parade to chew on.

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