[mp3]: The Outdoors – Barricades

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2011 MP3

“Barricades” is a song from The Outdoors, a band hailing from Echo Park, California. They sent me their new self titled EP and I’m enjoying it a lot. (It’s available for free download via their bandcamp page). “Barricades” is the song that really caught my attention right from the get go. I haven’t stopped playing it ever since.

It’s an uplifting rock song that sounds pure and hopeful. It has a lot of breathing room so the listener can dive into the center and soak up all the beauty. It’s also pretty catchy. It’s got a lot going for it, as you can tell.

As nice of a song as they come. Enjoy:

[mp3]: The Outdoors – Barricades

The band has a Kickstarter Campaign going right now to help fund the release of the EP and a West Coast tour. If you like what you hear, and have change to spare, help them out right here.

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