Introducing: Leann Grimes

By Will Oliver, April 24th 2011 — with 1 comment Free Download Introducing MP3

Not many sample/remix albums catch my attention. Sure it’s cool to see how artists are blended together to create something new, but often it leaves me wanting a lot more. I’ve started to give up on the whole remix idea, but Leann Grimes has me rethinking things.

Leann Grimes is 24 year old Shane Conerty from Asheville, North Carolina. After spending a cold winter in the Appalachian Mountains, he became inspired to show his appreciate for his musical discoveries on music blogs through music. He creates his own new music by putting his own signature touch on some of his favorite indie jams that he discovered on blogs. He says that “Leann Grimes is a record for anyone who checks music blogs religiously, waiting for albums to leak, and stays up till 4am scouring the internet for new bands, hoping to hear that ‘new’ sound.”

I’ve taken a real liking to the album because Shane takes a real honest approach for it. You can really tell he has an appreciation for the music. He doesn’t alter them too much, but he does enough where he gives it a new identity, while also claiming it his own. You’ll find him altering songs from The Morning Benders, The Strokes, Deerhunter, Yellow Ostrich, Local Natives and more.

I’ve been getting a little bored with music lately, looking for something to kick me in the ass. This album is a highly refreshing look at what I love about music rolled up into a wonderful music ball. I needed this. If you’re with some open minded people, throw this album at your next party/drinking session. This album showcases an enthusiastic tone that’s hard to argue with.

You can download the album for free right here. I’ve posted a few of my favorite cuts below, along with the tracklisting, so you can see what bands he samples.

[mp3]: Leann Grimes – Cats & Dogs in Idaho
[mp3]: Leann Grimes – Under Cover Of Dirt and Grime
[mp3]: Leann Grimes -Old Bodies Slip When They Make Love
[mp3]: Leann Grimes – Local Asheville News

1. “Cats & Dogs”
and “Coeur D’alene” by The Head and the Heart
2. “Egyptain Robe” by Miniature Tigers
3. “Memory Boy” by Deerhunter
4. “Got To Move” by CAKE
5. “Under Cover Of Darkness” by The Strokes
6. “Shadow People” by Dr. Dog
7. “Mrs. Cold” by Kings of Convenience
8. “Excuses” by The Morning Benders
9. “One Last” by Avi Buffalo
10. “Mary” by Yellow Ostrich
11. “World News” by Local Natives
12. “Keep Me In Mind” by Little Joy
13. “Summersong” by The Decemberists
14. “The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man On Earth

  • WillDewBadley

    This is AWESOME! I feel like you found someone who reads your blog everyday and just remixes everything on it. I like it a lot. This is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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