[listen]: Radiohead – The Daily Mail (Studio Version)

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2011 — with 38 comments MP3 New Stream

Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show just premiered the studio version of Radiohead’s “The Daily Mail”. It’s a song that they first played at their From The Basement concert, and that they have been playing live. The band finally announced that they are releasing the proper studio sessions of “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase” on December 19.

We have a radio rip of “The Daily Mail” for you guys to enjoy for now. Is it as great as you hoped it would be after hearing it live? I think so. See what you think below.

Update: As many people have pointed out, it sounds pretty close to the version they did live From The Basement, just a bit more cleaned up. If that’s the case, I’m fine with it. Loved the version to begin with.

  • d

    …this IS the basement version.

  • Dave

    Oh dear, Radiohead really seem to have run out of new ideas. This just sounds like “You & Whose Army”. And what a crummy decision to release a slightly spruced-up version of a track they featured on From The Basement months ago and then promote & sell it like it’s a “new” single.

    It’s really depressing to see how much Radiohead have flogged the mediocre EP that was TKOL… the multiple formats, the endless terrible remixes on overpriced vinyl, the compilation of said remixes, now the (re) release of two tracks from the DVD/Blu-Ray with the odd vocal tweak so they can sell them as new… I truly believe 2011 will be remembered as Radiohead’s annus horribilis.

  • chris

    yes, this is really the live version, not the studio version.

  • chris

    the 30 sec. snippet at amazon.com is also taken from the live recording. suppose they’re not releasing studio versions of the 2 songs.

  • Ellis

    TKOL is the most organic and holistically conceptual album Radiohead has put out since Kid A/Amnesiac. Daily Mail fits perfectly with the overall motif of the album as does Staircase. Please stop the TKOL hate, if you don’t get it move along; Radiohead has moved past you…

  • jj

    let me guess… all the haters just want ok computer all over again? accept how nice it is for radiohead to dance between the electronics and live performances. life will never be to your order.

  • jj

    ellis is correct

  • Calibrated

    @dave – ” This just sounds like “You & Whose Army”.

    It must require at least 4 years of formal training to have recognized this song goes from loud to quiet and has a piano in the beginning. Your deep insights are truly remarkable. Now, please, would you mind explaining their similarities further?

  • Dave


    Actually I couldn’t care less about Radiohead replicating the OKC era. On the contrary; I’d love it if they escaped the bland Nigel Godrich comfort zone they seem locked into and surprised people with their music again instead of their release methods.


    Most of the present crop of vital artists, and also many fans, are in fact the ones who have long since “moved past” Radiohead, who now seem like so much old hat but will forever be associated with “out there” music for those who don’t really expose themselves to much outside the mainstream.

    It’s not surprising; they’ve been around for 20-odd years and every band has a shelf life. I just never thought Radiohead would end up slipping into that “Superband” mode so beloved of bland behemoths like U2 or REM; i.e- taking years and years between albums only to emerge with disappointingly familiar material.

    There is absolutely nothing in any of the laptop generated sounds or arid bass of TKOL that wasn’t already explored by Thom in The Eraser 5 years ago, and The Daily Mail is an almost comic pastiche of the Amnesiac era. Enjoy them to your heart’s content; just don’t assume people who have become bored of their music are somehow incapable of “getting” it.

  • kilgoretrout321

    Boohoo it does indeed sound a lot like You and Whose Army, get over it. It’s still an enjoyable song however. I love the almost infantile responses to any insinuation that Radiohead can be less than godlike. I’m serious when I say it reminds me how stoners talk about weed (you just don’t get it), or religious folks talk about living in Jesus’ light. Holier than thou nonsense that refuses to acknowledge that something can be both sublime to one and passable entertainment to another. Peace out, Radioheadoholics.

  • alex

    to jj.

    “let me guess… all the haters just want ok computer all over again? accept how nice it is for radiohead to dance between the electronics and live performances. life will never be to your order.”

    i dont think this is the case really . ive loved radioheads progression through all the albums. i just feel like dave nailed it. their fans wait years at a time for new material and we get short changed with something like tkol. it just feels like somethings missing, like they created it quickly, made it anti melody and the experimental side didnt pay off this time. plus the fact that they will just be playing IR/TKOL stuff on the upcoming tour and the whole fiasco is sept with the whole east coast trying to get tickets to fucking roseland. I dunno it seems like they are inadvertently alienating their fans at this point. I will always love them and their amazing amazing music but its a bit tough to fully support them right now. I mean i dont really feel like paying the $250 to get a good seat at their show to hear what i heard last tour plus new stuff that is decent at best. anyone else feel this way?

  • kilgoretrout321

    What’s happening to Radiohead is what has happened to nearly every great band since bands were bands. Like Neil Young, or Led Zeppelin, or like Simon and Garfunkle, just because their music is good doesn’t mean it fits with the times anymore. If Radiohead is to evolve again, either world peace needs to happen (the only thing that’ll make Thom write jubilant, happy songs), or they need to get out and see the world in a different way and start fresh. There’s always auto-tune, maybe try hiring a songwriter, teaming up with Timbaland or Drake? How about a Bieber Cyrus Kanye thing?

  • http://www.twitter.com/zekebud Matt

    I’m a longtime Radiohead fan and I’d absolutely consider the band my favorite artist. I’ve enjoyed the wildly varying styles and directions they’ve been willing to take, and their ability to create memorable and iconic music in every release has been astonishing and very rewarding for those on the ride.

    The King of Limbs marks the first time I can seriously say that I haven’t found myself returning to a Radiohead record after its release. To be more accurate – I’ve actually spent more time listening to the “From the Basement” versions of the songs than the proper album.

    I find TKOL to lack the energy and immediacy that every other Radiohead record has offered. I don’t dislike the musical style the band is exploring here, but it’s so dense and the mixing is so hard to parse. And even when played on a good set of speakers, the music isn’t as vital as other dubstep/electronic groups, nor is it as as full of exploration as prior alt rock acts (including past Radiohead). It’s pretty but not gorgeous, it’s briefly interesting but not all that memorable or innovative.

    Thankfully, the “Basement” sessions fix that for me, bringing forth sharper bass, brighter drums, and a live-show type of energy (something that has always been constant from Radiohead). I’ve actually stopped listening to the studio recordings altogether: the 10-song quasi-live set feels important and necessary in my catalog.

    Where Radiohead goes from here is (as usual) unclear, but at this point that remains unimportant. I can’t see any trajectory for the band and that’s typical. Even if others (like me) find this studio effort to be less-than-spectacular, there are live shows to look forward to. After that? Who knows what Radiohead genre we’ll be chatting about.

  • Ed

    I assumed that ‘studio version’ meant an actual carefully thought out, more detailed version of what we got in the FTB sessions… Clearly I was wrong. I’m a giant Radiohead fan, and I actually loved every aspect of TKOL, the record and the live versions, and this is extremely disappointing. It seems they are half-assing us fans by giving us the EXACT same versions… slightly cleaned up. Radiohead at its laziest.

  • Andri

    I agree: From the Basement is sounds better than TKOL the album, though I prefer studio versions of Lotus Flower and Mr Magpie.

    I disagree: TKOL is a Radiohead misstep. The intricate layers and looping of Bloom; its surprising that some old time Radiohead fans are not getting this? Such a gorgeous but difficult piece.

  • ‡

    shit is awful. thom’s lost his ability to write interesting songs.

  • Mike

    honestly this seems more fitting for okc than tkol, and does it really matter which “direction” they’re moving in? It’s new radiohead music to enjoy. just shut up already.

  • http://NA Billy Squier

    Hey — it’s the BBC taper. I’m just glad you got rid of that big header with the picture of that smoking douchebag. Oh wait, that’s not you is it?

  • Erwin

    I’ve been waiting for a cleaned up version really, all those ripped versions had the shittiest drumsound imaginable.
    On Amazon.com, the preview for ‘Staircase’ did have slightly different vocals, or so it seemed.
    Anyway, it’s more than we had. It’s better.

    And by the way, it’s awesome.

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