[watch]: Lana Del Rey On SNL

By Will Oliver, January 16th 2012 — with 10 comments SNL Video

Lana Del Rey performed on SNL this weekend, but you already know that. For better or worse, you probably have your mind made up about the performance. But, if you did miss it and are interested in watching it, the performances are posted after the jump.

She definitely has some work to do live. It’s a big stage and all, but performers perform when they have to. I’m pretty disappointed with the performance.

Video Games:

Blue Jeans:

  • Matt

    Bloody fucking awful.

  • http://frominsidethepod.blogspot.com/ TheRobster

    I’ve held my tongue on Lana for a while, especially because I know you’re so into her. But SNL pretty much proved to me that she’s far more style than substance. I just can’t buy into the hype, I’m afraid.

    Gemma Ray (a British singer with a coincidental surname) has been doing this sort of thing for several years. I’m not sure what Lana is doing any different, other than pout a lot.

    Sorry dude, but we’re gonna have to disagree on this one.

  • Emily

    Disappointment is seconded. I’ve seen her do so many good versions of Video Games live, yet she seems to feel the need to try and fix what was never broken.

  • OHGosh

    Please, just watch Video Games at Jools Holland and this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk6WdTiBTEE before talking anything bout her =/

  • Will

    There’s no denying that this wasn’t a good performance. I still have hope the album will be worth all of our time.

  • http://frominsidethepod.blogspot.com/ TheRobster

    @OHGosh: Seen it and still don’t get what the fuss is all about. Heard it all before, and done better.

  • WillDewBadley

    This performance was kind of unexpected, not to mention she did exceptionally poorly. If you watch her other live videos she doesn’t sound nearly as bad.

  • Ryan

    She sounds like she hasn’t found her voice, and her breathing technique is ridiculously disruptive. The selective faux British accent is a little contrived, too. No fire in this one’s soul.

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