Red Hot Chili Peppers performance at Bonnaroo this weekend completely erased the fact that their latest album wasn’t very memorable. For the most part the band went back to their roots, delivering electric versions of their classics that seem to have never gone away. Their playing was so tight that I even was able to finally connect with the stuff off of I’m With You.

I am a big fan of what John Frusciante brought to the group, so I was initially worried about how new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer would impact their live presence. No worries there, the dude can absolutely shred. I did miss Frusciante’s vocals, which were something I always found to be a understated bright spot of the band.

The band is still in incredible shape both physically and musically. For older fellas, they still bring the rock intensity like it’s no ones business. The Chili Peppers have still got it. Not like I was ever worried. And “Under The Bridge” still remains one of the most incredible things to hear live. The crowd singing along just takes you far, far, away.

  • julieta

    nice to read you are a chili peppers fan! i’ve worshiped them for years, and though it’s pretty obvious they’ll never be what they used to be, they are still really really good live! i had the chance to see them last year, and the concert was amazing! so much energy! flea is definitely the man! I’m also a big john fan (always love to sing along with his vocals! so much heart & soul!!) but i think josh is absolutely talented and totally fit for the job!
    my comment is sooo irrelevant! i’m sorry! haha! love your blog! ♥

  • Will

    Thanks so much for commenting Julieta. Your comment is far from irrelevant! 🙂

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