Vampire Weekend released Contra only two years ago, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. From the crowds overly positive reaction throughout their set, you can tell they have been dearly missed.

The band is currently at work on their new album, so they stuck to their guns, delivering all their familiar classics, which the crowd had no trouble singing along with. They even found ways to surprise, playing “I Think Ur A Contra”, the tremendously overlooked Contra closer. They delivered a heart-warming performance with finesse and grace that displayed a softer side to the band.

That didn’t last long, as the hits were to be played. The band are one of my favorites, but hearing this songs live again even found a way to remind me of why I love this band so much. Sure “A-Punk, “Holiday”, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” and the like were great to hear, but the real treat was “Diplomat’s Son”, which the band has perfected, much contrary to the rougher version I heard when I saw them last. (don’t worry, my writing was even rougher back then too).

They played one new song, and I can tell it’s already a soon to be Vampire Weekend classic. Midway though I already had it stuck in my head and could tell it would be one that we’d soon be singing at future festivals.

Breathe in, and breathe out. Vampire Weekend are back folks. And this is just the beginning. Hit the jump for a big collection of photos from the set.

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