This CMJ, one band I knew I should check out was Port St. Willow. I had yet to truly give them a fair shot, but I heard good things and made sure I saw them at some point, no matter what. I saw them in the insanely tiny tight spot that is Cake Shop, and witnessed the bands beauty first hand with a group of say 20-30 people. The music of Nick Principe is a thing of beauty. It’s got a haunting narrative similar to The Antlers, due in part to the dream-like soundscapes and his high strung vocals. This set was a thing of magic that transported me out of my hectic CMJ state, into a more tranquil peaceful place – something we can all enjoy and understand.

It was so good, I made sure I saw him again before the week was over.

I immediately purchased his 2012 debut album Holiday, and I recommend you do the same. Find it here, and stream it below.

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Monday Morning Matinee

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