What is with our generation going to shows and not being at the show. We are so damn involved in everything but the show it drives me mad. Sure I’m guilty of taking photos and the occasional mid-show tweet, but I have never talked over an artist, whether it’s the opener or the headliner. It’s just not right.

This happened during every song during The Walkmen’s set, especially the ballad’s. It got so bad that Hamilton had to make a comment about the talking to fans – understandably frustrated, he asked if some fans had other CMJ shows to be at. It’s a damn shame because this was their homecoming show of sorts, as he said.

The band battled through and delivered a memorable performance, as usual. It’s truly amazing at how able they can go from rocking out to gracefully putting on a lovely slow burner. They played a little bit of everything, keeping every fan happy in some way. No one could complain with the finishing punch of “The Rat” & “We’ve Been Had”, which the latter saw Hamilton walking through the crowd saying hi and hi-fiving everyone that he passed through.

It’s the type of refreshing moment that reminds you that The Walkmen are just guys who happen to make incredible music. They are not super-egotistical rockers who act better than us. No, they are just like us – just a bit more musically inclined. They have one of the steadiest hands in rock and roll, which is why they will remain one of my favorite bands.

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