[Premiere]: Digits – Street Violence

By Will Oliver, October 26th 2012 — with 5 comments Listen MP3 New Premiere

Digits have given us the great honor of premiering the next chapter in his magnificent In The City Of The Dead project, which is his own mini novel, which features a new song for each chapter. He is premiering each song/chapter on a new music blog (He released the prologue on 20jazzfunkgreats and “Get Angry” at Dummy Mag.) and we are fortunate enough to share Chapter 2: Street Violence with you guys.

It’s another great chapter in the career of Mr. Alt Altman, who has created another wonderful piece of exciting electro-pop that will put chills up and down your spine. Bouncy playful bleeps go head-to-head with his trademark ice laden synth atmosphere, creating an entire world – just like his story.

[mp3]: Digits – Street Violence

Chapter 2: Street Violence



Their unsettling chant still ringing in his ears, J has just narrowly escaped a gang on his way home. He catches his breath, pours himself a cup of coffee. Then breaks down in tears. It’s getting to be too much.

Daily life has become truly frightening. It’s been too dangerous to go out alone at night for a while, but now the gangs rule the streets even in the daytime. He calls his wife. He is glad to be alive. He doesn’t tell her how close a call it was.

Later that night he hears screams. A gang toying with their victim. One of the hoodlums clinks several bottles together menacingly and repeatedly calls out her name. She keeps screaming. J and his wife hold each other, listening, shaking, crying.

J thinks to himself: it’s only a matter of time…what will I do when they’re calling my name?

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