Loads of young Irish gentlemen were rowdy and full of support of their fellow Irish comrades, and personal friends, Kodaline last night at Mercury Lounge. Being relatively new to the scene – and the U.S. – (it was their 1st NYC show, and 2nd U.S. show), it was a big moment for them. Bands always need to start somewhere, and I think last night’s performance was a small step towards the success that Kodaline will soon experience.

Although they have only released an EP, and built a string of critical success (Included on BBC’s Sound of 2013), there was a modest sense of excitement for the young band. I was drawn towards the band after their incredible “All I Know” swept me clean of my feet last fall. I wasn’t the only one.

For those that just familiar with “All I Know”, don’t be too quick to lump the 4-piece into that soaring anthematic rock category. The band toys with a wide variety of sounds that can reach anywhere from somber and introspective, to soaring and upbeat. Singer Stephen Garrigan leads the pack, and has a voice that will immediately draw awe.

Although it was a brief set, it was an impressive one from start to finish. The band already sound fully formed and ready to take on much bigger stages. I know that’s soon to come, these guys are just built to someday grace the masses. I’d be shocked if Kodaline don’t become a trademark name over the next few years, headlining festivals and gravitating the radio-waves. They could rival the likes of Mumford and Sons and I think we’d all be much better for it.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald opened and gave an impressive display of soul-inspired folk tunes. I ended up being very surprised by how much he won me over.

Hit the jump to see photos from both Kodaline and Michael, and videos of Kodaline performing “All I Want” & Michael playing a song called “Follow”.


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald:

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Kodaline – All I Want (Live):

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Follow (Live):

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