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Animal Collective @ Mountain Oasis 2013 (October 26, 2013)

By Dana Pacifico, October 31st 2013 — with 1 comment


Photos by Dana Pacifico

I can always go for an Animal Collective show but with such an awful over lap with Nine Inch Nails I knew I’d have to give up most of Animal Collective’s set.

Animal Collective exemplify the culture and vibe of Mountain Oasis so you knew they were going to bring the weird. They opened with “Lion In A Coma,” which was glorious. I can not think of a better example of perfect timing though because the song before we I to leave for NIN they played “My Girls.” Everyone was electric and gave me the feeling of satisfaction knowing I had to leave.

Check out some more photos from Animal Collective’s set, below.
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[music video]: Animal Collective – Monkey Riches

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.52.22 AM

In the world of Animal Collective the video for “Monkey Riches” video makes plenty of sense. It’s directed by Jack Kubizne, who also directed the “Brothersport” video. See what happens when an elder with powers over wild ropes dies leaving the ropes free to roam.

Watch below.

Animal Collective @ Governors Ball (June 8, 2013)

By Will Oliver, June 12th 2013

Animal Collective are really in full force when Deakin is back in the fold, obviously creating a fuller sound as a band. It was delightful to hear “Did You See the Words” kick off their set, as it was one of the only old-era AnCo songs to be played (along with “Peacebone”).

I witnessed a fan do snort a line of cocaine off a car key during their set, and I don’t think anything else that I will share will matter as much as that little bit of information.
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Animal Collective @ Terminal 5 (December 5, 2012)

By Will Oliver, December 6th 2012 — with 1 comment

Animal Collective made Terminal 5 very much their own tonight, the second of their two show stint at the venue. Sound can often be problematic at the venue, but Animal Collective sounded tight and locked in. Out of the 5 or 6 times that I have seen them now, I think this was the most cohesive performance yet. All four of the guys were in sync with each other, and the radiating pulse of the crowd.

Most of the night was dedicated to Centipede Hz, highlighted by “Monkey Riches” and “Amanita.” The crowds energy arose during MPP’s “Lion In A Coma”, “Brother Sport” and “My Girls.” For me, “Peacebone” was the highlight, as a flash of the Animal Collective of old hit me. “Also Frightened” was a nice surprise as it made me realize the one thing the show didn’t have enough of: Panda Bear vocals.

Panda Bear held it down behind the kit, and the band had a lot of energy and seemed to be having fun up there. A very enjoyable show from a band who have plenty to offer. It’s cool to see a show with all songs that you know, because the next time they come around, it will likely be the complete opposite.

Find a complete photo gallery after the jump.
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[new]: Animal Collective – Crimson

By Will Oliver, November 5th 2012

Animal Collective have shared the studio recording of “Crimson” a song that we heard them play live on KCRW not too long ago. It’s the b-side of the “Applesauce” single, which is due out November 13 via Domino.

The recorded version of “Crimson” successfully captures everything that made the liver version so rock solid. In terms of a b-side, it’s hard to get much better than this.

Animal Collective, while known for their unusual sound, have the ability to create some really pretty moments. The band prove this during their live session for KEXP where they performed Centipede Hz tracks “Wide Eyed” + “Pullys” acoustic. They also played a regular version of “Honeycomb”.

Check out the entire performance below. It took place at the Cutting Room Studios in New York City.

[new]: Animal Collective – Crimson

By Will Oliver, September 5th 2012 — with 1 comment

Today Animal Collective were on KCRW performing on a Morning Becomes Eclection session. This resulted in them performing a new song called “Crimson”. The song has yet to be recorded. It’s only been played live a few times, yet is a fan favorite.

As with most of Centipede Hz, it’s a Avey Tare led track that actually would have fit quite well on the new record. It’s got a little bit of older Animal Collective mixed in with the new. Take a listen below.

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