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Arctic Monkeys at Firefly Music Festival 2014

By Will Oliver, July 6th 2014


After witnessing Arctic Monkeys sold out show at MSG this past February it was clear that Arctic Monkeys had finally found the stateside success that they’ve been working towards all these years. The young festival crowd that attending their set at this year’s Firefly enforced this even more.

As expected, the opening riff of “Do I Wanna Know?” sent the crowd into a blaze. They continued to ride the sexy wave of AM with current single “Snap Out Of It” and “Arabella” full of the tongue-in-cheek Sabbath riffage. From there things took a welcome turn to “Brianstorm”, but frustratingly, just like at MSG, the youngins in my section hardly acknowledged the song. Same went for “Dancing Shoes”, “Library Pictures” and “Crying Lightning”, though I tried to counteract by screaming at the top of my lungs as per usual. However, it was good to hear “My Propeller” again (it’s been four years for me), as well as “No. 1 Party Anthem”, which was notably omitted at MSG.

The Arctic’s are as confident and cocky as ever, finely dressed, and not afraid to let the hair show. They seem to really be working well off of the AM material and deliver it with strong finesse and plenty of oomph. I’ll have to adjust to the booming popularity of the band in terms of the crowds, but I’m just glad the masses are finally arriving to the party.
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[music video]: Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out Of It

By Will Oliver, June 24th 2014

Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It - Music Video

Arctic Monkeys latest music video is for current AM single “Snap Out Of It.” As usual, it’s directed by Focus Creeps, and features one of the bands more interesting (and experimental) concepts to date.

In it, we see a girl hanging by the pool, cooking some food, as well as some studio footage of the guys in the studio. Soon her world gets mixed in with Arctic Monkeys, causing some interesting results. The girl is played by Stephanie Sigman, and all the studio footage is pretty damn awesome.

Catch the video below, and stay tuned for my coverage of their show at Firefly over the weekend.
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Arctic Monkeys

Last week Arctic Monkeys stopped by Australian radio station Triple J and participated in the station’s famed Like A Version segment, where bands cover a song of their choice. Arctic Monkeys (Alex & Matt) were up and took on Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

It’s an acoustic cover, tackled solely by Turner. Hearing him play it with his British accent gives the song a really pretty feel. I may be biased, but I think he really did the song justice, and then some. The first part of the video clip also features a fun bit.

They also performed “Do I Wanna Know”, where Helders adds his vocals as well as some tambourine. Helder also admits his favorite cover of “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” is Miley Cyrus’.

Find both performances posted below.
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[music video]: Arctic Monkeys – Arabella

By Will Oliver, March 3rd 2014

Arctic Monkeys - Arabella

Arctic Monkeys have kicked off the week right, releasing a new music video for AM’s current single, “Arabella.”

The video, which was directed by Jake Nava, is shot gorgeously in black and white. The band plays in a tiny room, while footage of partially naked woman (so it’s slightly NSFW) and motorcycles fill out the rest of the video. There’s some cool work to be found by Nava such as some reverse playback at key moments in the song, that give you the sensation of watching a film reel gone wrong.

The greaser American-motorcycle influence is still running quite strong with the boys in the “Arabella” video. Your feelings on that may have an influence on how much you enjoy it. But regardless, it’s hard to argue that the video doesn’t look good.

Find it posted below.
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Arctic Monkeys took home Best Album (for AM) and Best British Group at the Brit Awards tonight, making it a record setting 3rd time they’ve done that.

When the band took the stage for their acceptance speech for their Best Album prize, Alex Turner made a wild speech that can most easily be summed up as rock and roll isn’t dead. He finished the speech off by saying “invoice me for the microphone if you wanna,” before dropping it off in cocky fashion. Oh, Alex.

In fact, the speech has already been made into a graphic illustration by a fan. Check it out below via Arctic Monkeys US:

Watch the Best Album speech below, as well as their speech for Best British Group, followed by a performance of “R U Mine?” that the band played during the show.

Best Album Speech:

Best Group:

“R U Mine?”


It seems like everyone is covering Arctic Monkeys these days. Which says a lot about the power of AM and how its elevated the band a few steps further across the globe.

We just recently saw Miley Cyrus cover the band, and now CHVRCHES add their own Arctic Monkeys cover. They tackled “Do I Wanna Know?” (which the band performed acoustic at Avatar Studios last week). CHVRCHES covered the song for Australian radio station Triple J, for their Like A Version segment.

CHVRCHES take “Do I Wanna Know?” and add their coldy synthy touch, keeping the vocal intesnity but adding different layers on the way.

Watch their performance below.
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Arctic Monkeys Avatar

The glow of Arctic Monkeys massive single “Do I Wanna Know?” is in the triumphant feeling of power. But even when that is stripped away a bit, you still got one hell of a song.

The day before their sold out show at MSG the band released a clip of Alex and Matt performing an acoustic version of the song live at Avatar Studios in NYC.

It’s a very different look at the song, but one that makes you appreciate it just as much.

Find the performance below.
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Arctic Monkeys @ Madison Square Garden (February 8, 2014)

By Will Oliver, February 9th 2014 — with 3 comments


Last night was a big night for all Arctic Monkeys fans alike. I was sure that seeing my favorite band headline their biggest show in the states at Madison Square Garden was going to be a seminal moment for all. It should have been their tour de force, their big moment where they finally captivate the audiences that they have deserved here for so long. This arrival was long overdue for sure. With that said, I expected to leave late Saturday night from one of the best gigs of my life, possibly one of the most memorable Arctic Monkeys shows in the United States, period. Maybe that was my fault, because if I’m being 100% real and honest, the show was pretty standard and by the numbers for them, which left me quite perplexed. Read the rest of this entry »

Arctic Monkeys MSG – J.T. Hill

By Will Oliver, February 7th 2014


Tomorrow is the big day. Arctic Monkeys headline MSG in their biggest American show to date. I asked you guys, their biggest fans, to share thoughts on the show, and what its significance means to you.

A few of you guys took the time to write something, which is easier said than done, so thanks to you guys that actually took the time to participate. I appreciate it.

Instead of compiling all them together, I’m going to release them one by one, so each person’s post gets their own individual spotlight.

Find J.T. Hill’s heartfelt post below. Find J.T. on twitter as well.
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