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Bear In Heaven Playing NYC Tomorrow And Wednesday

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2014

13_Bear In Heaven

Brooklyn-based trio Bear In Heaven are currently on tour for new album Time Is Over One Day Old, which came out in August. We saw them play a record release show the day of release over at Rough Trade and they dazzled me all the way through.

They’re stopping back in New York tomorrow to play Bowery Ballroom, and then MHOW on Wednesday night. Tickets for both shows are still on sale, and come highly recommended
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Bear In Heaven at Rough Trade NYC (August 4, 2014)

By Will Oliver, August 5th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_Bear In Heaven

Last night Brooklyn-based trio Bear In Heaven played an intimate instore at Rough Trade NYC to celebrate the release of their new album Time Is Over One Day Old, which came out today. Fans who bought the record at the store were admitted entrance to the performance.

It was my first time catching the guys live, but they needed no introduction. I’ve been listening to them for some time, and have heard nothing but praise about their live shows; all of which turned out to be very much true. Although the group can weave in and out of some epic moments, they do it in a way that feels grounded. Their songs are dance-based anthems with a heavy pulse, but they feel intimate and personal to you. It’s an impressive thing, to be able to make such a feverish grand statement seem so…human.
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Bear In Heaven - Time Is Over One Day Old

Bear In Heaven will release new album Time Is Over One Day Old on August 5 via Dead Oceans.

Here’s what singer Jon Philpot had to say about the album:

We’re setting aside the things that most people focus on [and instead] staking our claim in some ethereal place. A lot of shedding, getting rid of layers and pre-conceptions… breaking up with old ways of thinking, old ways of being, starting to look at this thing in a new way and finding something positive.

The announcement came with the release of single “Time Between”, a synth-based song that dives deep into its trippy waters (sorta has a British vibe to it) and drowns you with all its layers. I’m enjoying it more and more with every listen.

Find it posted below.
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[new]: Bear In Heaven – The Reflection Of You

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2012 — with 1 comment

I Love You, It’s Cool is the title of Bear In Heaven’s new album. If only all of us could convey our feelings like these dudes.  It will be released on April 3rd via Dead Oceans.

Today the band released a mp3 of “The Reflection Of You” from the LP. It’s a icey synth treat full of twists and turns. Cool, calm, and focused, the song only gets better and better when played loud and over and over. Let it sink in and work its way into your mind.

[mp3]: Bear In Heaven – The Reflection Of You

The Antlers Announce (together) EP

By Will Oliver, November 2nd 2011

On November 22nd, The Antlers will release a new EP titled, the (together) EP (via Frenchkiss Records). The EP is comprised of b-sides, alternate takes, remixes and covers recorded during and after sessions for their fantastic album, Burst Apart.

The band says that the goal of the EP is to:

highlight the community that has grown around the Antlers’ music and their Brooklyn recording studio, presenting the band as more of a collective than a singular group. Upwards of ten artists came together to make the EP possible—a sharp increase from the band’s previous 1-5 member makeup—with the different collaborations changing the way the Antlers operate as a band.

The EP features “Tongue Tied,” the first track sung by the band’s Darby Cicci, and the bands cover of the XX’s “VCR”. It also sees the band collaborating with Neon Indian, and Bear Hands.

The band is playing Webster Hall on December 10th. Tickets are still on sale. Trust me, the band brings it live.

Check out the tracklisting for the EP below:
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An Interview With: Brahms

By Will Oliver, March 9th 2010

Brahms are an exciting band out of NYC who are bringing back the good parts of disco and creating a ultra fresh dance sound that I can’t get enough of. They are a band to watch for sure. I predict exciting things for these guys in 2010 and beyond!

Cale Parks, Eric Lodwick, and Drew Robinson are the members of Brahms and they all participated in this lovely interview. A big thank you to all of them for taking the time do this!

Will: You guys are a brand new band that came together at the beginning of 2010 right? Tell me abut how things came together for Brahms. Tell me a little about yourselves!

Brahms: We began jamming together in the end of 2009. We decided to launch as a new project in 2010. New decade. New music. Passion Pit are friends of Cale’s and asked us to open at Terminal 5 Jan 10. That was our first show. Excellent motivation to get to work as a new band 😉

Will: My introduction of you was your opening set for Passion Pit at Terminal 5. How did you guys feel that set went? (and what did you
think of Tragedy?)

Brahms: That was such a fun night. Considering that it was our first show, we thought it was pretty good. Tragedy were pure fun. The crowd definitely got their money’s worth that night.

Will: How would you describe your sound to someone who is new to Brahms?

Brahms: Short set, long songs, catchy dance, hard workers.

Will: So far you have released two songs (now four!) for free download on your website. When can we expect to see some new songs, and official single/ep/album releases?

Brahms: More new demos are coming for free download this week (They came out a few days after Cale sent me the questions via email) As of now, we’re so new that our main goal is just continuing writing and we’ll see…

Will: What do you guys got on schedule for touring plans? I saw that you guys are going to be doing SXSW, that should be pretty fun!

Brahms: SXSW will be amazing. We initially thought we’d be too new to go down, considering all the tours down to Austin and back were booked before we technically existed. We managed to get on some great shows. We’re looking forward to bbq and sun, for sure!

Will: Are you guys a fan of music blogs as a tool for promotion, or are you opposed to them?

Brahms: We have a blog. At first we tried carrier pigeons, but they kept crapping all over our press releases, so we decide to try a blog. It seems to be the new way to reach people. We prefer blogs over newspapers or carrier pigeons.

Will: Any plans to duel tour with Aloha? I know that Cale is in Aloha, so some sort of collaboration would be pretty interesting. I know that I’d love to see it!

Brahms: There are no plans for a collaboration.

Will: What bands influenced your sound. Do I hear some small traces of New Order?

Brahms: Anything before 2011.

Will: You guys have been pretty exclusive to the NYC scene. How much does this play into your sound as a band. Would you call yourself a true NYC band, or just a band who happens to be located in NYC?

Brahms: We’re definitely a New York band simply because we all call it home. New York is the best place to raise a band. Sure rent is higher, but the opportunities that exist here are exponentially greater than any other place on this planet.

Will: What records are you guys listening to at the moment?

Brahms: Bear In Heaven, Wild Beasts, Apes and Androids, and lot’s of classics like Chuck Berry, The Ronettes, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers.

Will: Are there any unknown bands that you like that I should post about?

Brahms: Future Trends

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