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It’s hard to believe it’s been a full decade since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released their unforgettable, and still phenomenal, self-titled debut album. I was about 15 years old at the time, just beginning to discover music blogs, as well as the depths of the indie music world. Seeing the reaction and general excitement that blogs had surrounding the release made me interested in this world, and was a definite influence in starting a blog of my own. So in many ways, I owe a lot of what has happened with We All Want Someone to Alec Ounsworth and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

This summer Clap Your Hands Say Yeah toured in support of their debut album, playing the entire album from start to finish, and then finishing off with other favorites from their career, both old and new. They stopped in to play the album in early August, with a pair of sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom.

I caught the second show, which was opened by Wilmington, Delaware group Teen Men, the new group of The Spinto Band’s Nick Krill (as well as former members Joe Hobson and Albert Birney, along with Krill’s wife Catharine Maloney) who also happens to play guitar and keyboards these days in Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. These days, Ounsworth is the only original member from the band’s debut album days, with the rest of the group filled out by Matt Wong (bass) and Patrick Berkery (drums)
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These days Alec Ounsworth is the only original remaining member of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. It’s an odd thing to see, as the debut album that they original lineup release was for sure one of the reasons I’m doing what I do now on this blog. Either way, I’m just happy that Ounsworth has kept the band going, releasing a new album called Only Run earlier this year.
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - As Always - Music Video

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have a new album called Only Run coming out on June 3. We already heard the Matt Berninger featured first single and title track, and they have since followed that up with the release of a new music video.

The video is for album cut “As Always” and it was directed by David M. Helman. It features a man having a long wild night. The song itself is just about as strong as “Only Run”, so it bodes well for the rest of the album.

Catch the video below.
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -

Only Run is the new album from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and it’s out June 3 (they’re self-releasing it). They’ve let go of the album’s first single, a heavy hitting track that features the vocals of the one and only Matt Berninger (of The National).

It’s weird hearing the strained vocals of CYHSY’s Alec Ounsworth and the deep rich vocals of Matt Berninger working together and even dueting. As a longtime fan of both bands, it’s a very cool (if not surreal) moment.

Stream it below and head to the song’s soundcloud page to grab a free mp3 download.
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Release New EP / Announce New Album

By Will Oliver, July 22nd 2013 — with 1 comment

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Little Moments EP

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah took to facebook today to announce some big news. They finished tacking a new album which will be mixed by Dave Fidmann, and is scheduled for a January 2014 release. But we do get some new music, as they’ve also released a brand new EP.

The EP titled Little Moments is available to stream at bandcamp and features two a-sides that will be on the album, as well as two b-sides. The EP will be released on limited vinyl that will be signed and numbered (only 500 of them are made).

You can stream the EP below right now.

Ever since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released their (now indie classic) debut album, I have been trying to see them live. Not being 18, or being away at school had prevented me of doing so for quite some time. But alas, the stars aligned, and last night I finally got to see the band.

Although, all that’s left of the original lineup is singer/guitarist Alec Ounsworth and drummer Sean Greenhalgh. The other three members have now departed, and the band is now a 4-piece, instead of a 5-piece. No difference though, the band still played a great set mostly dedicated to songs from their debut album – as I hoped.

Alec’s vocals were something I was always curious about live. I’m sure people who aren’t familiar with the band find them off-putting at first, which is understandable. Last night they sounded just as they do live, with a little bit of an edge. His new backing band along with Sean sounded tight, and didn’t miss a beat.

They started the show with a rousing rendition of “Satan Said Dance” and from there they mostly treated fans to treats off their debut minus a few songs from Hysterical and one new song. From “Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away” to “Heavy Metal” to “Details Of The War”, the show was like a flash to 2005, when these songs first introduced themselves to me. It was great to finally see this band live, a check-off in my list of bands to see.

Openers Earthy Babes were playing their 4th show ever. If they hadn’t said anything, I would have never known. They put on a confident performance of classic sounding rock tunes with lots of energy and bounce. Check out their Still Earthly EP right here.

Find galleries of both bands below.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah:

Earthy Babes:

[new] Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Maniac

By Will Oliver, July 26th 2011

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have released a new song entitled “Maniac” for free. It’s gonna appear on their new album, Hysterical, which comes out in September.

“Same Mistake” was evidence that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah still got it, and now we got “Maniac” to prove it was no fluke. It’s a solid cut that expands on the quirky sound that CYHSY has made their own. The band’s playing is tighter than ever before and it really shows.

[mp3]: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Maniac

That’s the album art posted above. Check out the tracklist:
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[new] Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same Mistake

By Will Oliver, June 22nd 2011 — with 1 comment

Bonnaroo was the time of my life but damn it ruined me. I’m still playing catch up as you can see. While I was recovering, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah dropped a new song called “Same Mistake”, that will be on the bands new album, Hysterical, that they will self released on September 12th.

“Same Mistake” sounds like the CYHSY that I fell in love with. The band took some time off after album #2, and it seems like it did them some good. “Same Mistake” is a feel good track that sounds like it came naturally to the band. It glows warm with uplifting strings that only add to the tasty harmonies that rise to the surface.

If the rest of the album is this good, we’re looking at quite the comeback, folks.

[mp3]: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same Mistake

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