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Craig Finn – Honolulu Blues

By Will Oliver, November 25th 2011

Craig Finn’s solo single is called”Honolulu Blues”, and you can stream it below, if you haven’t already. It’s not too different from his work with The Hold Steady, just a slightly more alt-country focus. It’s a solid listen.

It will be off of his debut solo effort, Clear Heart Full Eyes, out January 24 via Vagrant Records. Take a listen to it below.

Craig Finn, leader of The Hold Steady, is releasing his debut solo album Clear Heart Full Eyes, on January 24 via Vagrant Records.

The album’s title is a reference to the TV show Friday Night Lights. The album was recorded this past July with producer Mike McCarthy in Austin, Texas, where Finn went to remove himself from familiar surroundings.

“Honolulu Blues” is the first single from the album, and it will come out later this month. Read Finn’s more thorough description of the album here, and check out the album’s tracklisting below:
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Craig Finn Announces Solo Single

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2011 — with 1 comment

Craig Finn, the prolific frontman of The Hold Steady has announced his first official solo release. He will release a single titled “Honolulu Blues” on November 25 via Vagrant Records.”Rented Room” is the b-side to the single, which is a preview of a full length solo debut that will come out sometime in 2012. The limited single will be released on Record Store Day’s Black Friday.

Big fan of Mr. Finn. All fans of The Hold Steady have a good reason to be excited for 2012.

The always smiling Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn has created a tumblr and twitter page and used the former to announce that he’s working on a solo album. He’s staying in Austin, Texas at a friends guest house working on the songs. He’s keeping us updated on the whole process on the tumblr, which every Hold Steady fan needs to be following right now.

He also mentioned that The Hold Steady will begin writing LP #6 in September, so we can probably expect a new record from them by 2012.

After the jump check out a song called “One Single Saviour” that Craig performed solo in April. Maybe it will be on the new album.

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[video] Craig Finn – One Single Saviour (Live)

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2011 — with 1 comment

Here’s a pretty solo song that The Hold Steady’s frontman, Craig Finn, did live for Minnesota Public Radio. Heaven Is Whenever was hit and miss for a lot of people, but I don’t think many people will be disappointed with “One Single Saviour”:

[new]: The Hold Steady – Spinners

By Will Oliver, February 18th 2014


The Hold Steady are gearing up the release of new album Teeth Dreams which comes out on March 25 via Washington Square, the new imprint label of Razor & Tie..

The first taste of the album came with album track “I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You.” Today the band shared the album’s first official single, “Spinners.”

The track premiered today over at Vulture. It’s one of the tracks that I heard them play at Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier in the month, a big song full of the band’s chugging guitars and vivid lyrics from Craig Finn.

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The Hold Steady @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (February 6, 2014)

By Will Oliver, February 7th 2014 — with 1 comment


Last night was a special night for The Hold Steady, who were playing a rather intimate show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in celebration of their 10th anniversary as a band. As band-leader Craig Finn shared, it was actually 11 years ago when the band played their very first show, which just happened to be at the very same location. Back then it used to be called Northsix. But then again, details like this are small when you’re celebrating your band’s 10th anniversary (when it’s really the 11th). Read the rest of this entry »

[new]: The Hold Steady – I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You

By Will Oliver, January 28th 2014 — with 2 comments

The Hold Steady

Our favorite bar rockers The Hold Steady will return with their new album Teeth Dreams on March 25 via Washington Square, the new imprint label of Razor & Tie.

It’s been four years since the band’s last album, Heaven Is Whenever. It was the longest gap in the band’s career, so this new album is long overdue. As Rolling Stone found out, the album was recorded in Brooklyn and Franklin, Tennessee over the last two years. Touring guitarist Steve Selvidge joined the recording process for the first time (he replaced Franz Nicolay).

Last week saw the band release the first cut of the album, a track called “I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You.” The band let loose of their sweltering guitars on this classic sounding track that sounds like Craig Finn and company are back in old form. The song builds to a pretty epic climax that I can imagine being an absolute treat to hear live.

Enjoy the track below.
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The Hold Steady Are Doing A Song For Game Of Thrones

By Will Oliver, March 5th 2013 — with 1 comment

The Hold Steady

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite go to bar-rockers The Hold Steady are tapped in as the next band to make a song for HBO’s acclaimed show Game Of Thrones. Last year The National did it, and now it’s Craig Finn and co.’s turn.

They will perform a song called “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.” Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin wrote the lyrics, and the music is by the shows music man Ramin Djawadi. The song will be released as a Record Store Day exclusive 7″ single on April 20, along with a new song of The Hold Steady’s “Criminal Fingers” as the b-side.

Although an unlikely pairing, knowing The Hold Steady & Game Of Thrones, this is going to be a knockout.

Via Entertainment Weekly, who have the song’s lyrics. You can also find them posted below.
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(One of the only good photos I took with my phone – Ticket said they didn’t allow cameras, so I didn’t bring mine – Other people didn’t care though lol)

Saturday night The Hold Steady put one a great show that I will never forget. It was filled with a tight set that was all about one thing: rocking out.

Openers were The Oranges Band, who are from Baltimore, Maryland. They have been supporting The Hold Steady throughout this small U.S. tour, and it makes sense. The Oranges Band shared the Hold Steady’s linking for big tight guitar riffs. They put on a good set that the crowd exciting. However, you could tell everyone was way too excited for The Hold Steady to come out.

By the time The Hold Steady came on, all the frat boys and drunken Syracuse middle aged men were drunk beyond belief, spilling their beers and stumbling on one another. If this was at a Grizzly Bear show, I would be pissed, but it made sense to see this at a The Hold Steady show. Craig Finn came out looking very happy to be playing, and the band immediately got the crowd going with a fantastic rendition of “Same Kooks”. After that they went into “Magazines”, before launching into my favorite Heaven Is Whenever song, “The Weekenders”. In the middle a song bassist Galen Polivka took out his wallet and threw cash into the crowd. Things like this made you realize The Hold Steady are normal guys who happened to have natural rock star charm.

After that the crowd went nuts for “Sequestered In Memphis”, singing-along in drunken fashion. They ripped through a mix of songs from all of their albums, keeping the energy going and never losing control of the crowd. The band played with enthusiasm and passion, having fun and smiling while doing it. The new songs were great, but nothing was better than rocking out to classics like “Your Little Hood Rat Friend”, “Stuck Between Stations”, and “Constructive Summer”. The only misstep was that they didn’t play “Chips Ahoy!”.

They came back with a solid three song encore that included “Stevie Nix”, “Stay Positive” and “Southtown Girls” which the crowd sung along to enthusiastically.

The Hold Steady lived up to the hype for their incredible live shows. Craig Finn is a true showman, putting on a lively show on stage, giving his all. They had tight guitar riffs, and mean guitar solos. The show got me even more excited for Heaven Is Whenever, which can’t come out soon enough.

Setlist (New Songs From Heaven Is Whenever are in bold)

  1. Same Kooks
  2. Magazines
  3. The Weekenders
  4. Sequestered In Memphis
  5. Soft In The Center
  6. Constructive Summer
  7. Hot Soft Light
  8. Touchless (Heaven Is Whenever Bonus Track)
  9. Navy Sheets
  10. Banging Camp
  11. The Swish
  12. You Can Make Him Like You
  13. Rock Problems
  14. Girls Like Status
  15. Criminal Finger
  16. Hurricane J
  17. We Can Get Together
  18. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
  19. Stuck Between Stations
  20. A Slight Discomfort


  1. Stevie Nix
  2. Stay Positive
  3. Southtown Girls

The Hold Steady Taped Show Archive has the whole thing for download right here. You can see some photos here as well.

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