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Crystal Castles at Warsaw (October 6, 2016)

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2016


The new-look Crystal Castles made their live return to New York on October 6, for a sold out performance at Brooklyn venue Warsaw in support of their new album Amnesty (I), released via Fiction Records in August. For many of us, this was our first look at the new version of band featuring new singer Edith Frances on vocals.

Naturally there was a big difference between Frances and former singer Alice Glass. While Frances still sported a lot of movement, she wasn’t quite at the same level as Glass, who’d often venture into the crowd for many surfs, with a bottle of Jack in hand. The new songs and old favorites still hit hard live, and the sold out venue acted as though this was the same version of Crystal Castles that they always knew and loved.

Find the setlist posted below, along with a gallery of photos from their performance.
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Crystal Castles @ Lollapalooza (8/2/2013)

By Will Oliver, August 6th 2013


Crystal Castles are better suited for dark sets at night preferably indoor, or under a tent. But they made due just fine during the day at Lollapalooza, still sounding energetic and making the crowd move en masse. Alice Glass shamelessly chugged her Jameson and smoked her cigarettes in between her thrashing movements on stage, and in the crowd. The trio always keep their frantic pace going every time I see them, and continue to be one of the more exciting acts to see live.

Check out more photos from their set below.
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[stream]: Crystal Castles – III

By Will Oliver, November 7th 2012

Crystal Castles III is streaming in full on Spotify. It comes out next week, but now we finally get to listen to it. It’s one of the last big releases of the year. I’m pretty pumped to finally here it. Check it out below, and enjoy.

[new]: Crystal Castles – Affection

By Will Oliver, October 31st 2012 — with 1 comment

“Affection” is the latest shared track from Crystal Castles’ new album III. It’s a lush track from the duo who keep things relatively calm and smooth compared to their normal output. I quite like when the band explore this sound of theirs. It’s rather lovely.

You can pre-order III here, it comes out November 12.

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When it was announced that Crystal Castles were playing the large Roseland Ballroom, I was a bit shocked, and wondered if they would be able to fill it out. My doubts were short lived, as I remembered how intense of a live show these guys are.

The music of Crystal Castles is only one element of the live show. You also got a hot sweaty crowd of people that lose their shit for the entire duration “(Baptism” was the start of the non-stop action). If you’re in the front of the crowd, you’re stuck in a sea of people acting as if the show is a rave/hardcore show. Then you (literally) throw Alice Glass on them, and you practically got a riot on your hands.

Glass is notorious for her antics during live performances, and she didn’t shy down one bit last night. She eagerly crowd-surfed dozens times, either standing in the crowd, or floating within. She made her way on top of me a few times, causing a near panic as everyone began a shove effect. All of us holding her up had no where to go; resulting in a group collapse. Somehow, we still managed to keep her up. She thanked us by spitting her alcoholic beverage into the crowd to cool us off. Sadly, it actually really did. It was that hot.

Ethan Kath and live drummer Christopher Chartrand re-create the songs with a thunderous roar. It’s undeniable when everything falls into place. They opened the show with the two singles from their new album Crystal Castles (III): “Plague” and “Wrath of God”. They sounded great, but the real heart of the show were “Baptism”, “Vanished”, “Not In Love”, “Untrust Us”, and their own interpretation of HEALTH’s remix of their very own “Crimewave”. Inception style. Any chance for Alice and the crowd to collectively lose it is the core of this live show.

Speaking of HEALTH, they were fantastic live. Didn’t expect them to rock so hard – but boy, did they. Quite a good mix of blippy electronic and thunderous rock.

Crystal Castles as a whole didn’t even say one word to the crowd the whole night. They didn’t have to. The feeling of general ecstasy seen on the faces of all the sweaty bodies filing out of Roseland said it all.

Find photos from the show, below.

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