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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard or seen anything from Fleet Foxes, or their frontman, Robin Pecknold. I was beginning to get worried. But alas, earlier this week he made his return on live TV.

Pecknold, along with Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and drummer Neil Morgan, covered Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, who have been celebrating Pearl Jam all week long with other bands covering their songs, as well as Pearl Jam themselves playing. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Rossen – Not Coming Back

By Will Oliver, November 12th 2012

Daniel Rossen feels bad about not being home in New York considering all that has happened as of late. He said so in the description of a new song that he shared on soundcloud called “Not Coming Back”.

He wrote:

This one is from January 2011 around the same time as a few of the EP songs. it’s not exactly finished, the lyric is rough, but I still enjoy what it is and eventually this song lead to other tunes on the EP and on Shields that I’m happy with. It’s a wintery New York song to me, it reminds me of home. And at this particular moment I miss home, and I feel like I should be there after all that’s happened recently. So there it is.

The song definitely feels appropriate with all that is going on. Dan should definitely consider releasing this properly whether solo or with Grizzly Bear. It’s worthy.

[listen]: Daniel Rossen – Untitled (December 2009)

By Will Oliver, October 22nd 2012

Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen uploaded an old demo to soundcloud this weekend, adding:

Old song/demo. too old to work on anymore and won’t see the light of day in any other format

He has simply titled it “Untitled (December 2009). It’s a shame he won’t properly release it, as it’s a gem. But, at least we have it in our hands. Download it below.

[mp3]: Daniel Rossen – Untitled (December 2009)

[new]: Daniel Rossen – Saint Nothing

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2012 — with 1 comment

Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen is releasing a solo EP titled Silent Hour/Golden Mile. It will come out on Warp Records on March 20.

“Saint Nothing” is the first track made available from the EP. If you’re a fan of his intimate sparse moments of reflection on Grizzly Bear albums, then you’re going to love “Saint Nothing”.

Grizzly Bear have officially announced the release of their new album Painted Ruins, their fifth, which will be released on August 18 via RCA Records, their first for the label.

In addition to the album announcement, the band has released a brand new track from the album entitled “Mourning Sound,” following “Three Rings,” the first song released from the album.

While “Three Rings” was more of an Ed Droste track, “Mourning Sound” feels like a more shared, collaborative effort being the band, although kicked off by Ed, Daniel Rossen’s vocals are welcomed in a big way during the chorus of “we walk with the mourning sound.” It’s another pretty track from the group, who sure are back in a big, big way.

Stream “Mourning Sound” below, and check out their newly announced two dates, which include two shows at Brooklyn Steel.
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Best Songs of 2016: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 22nd 2017 — with 1 comment

It’s safe to say that 2016 was a pretty weird year, but one thing we can all agree on is just how crazy of a year it was for music.  From the highly anticipated to the complete out of nowhere surprise drops, the year truly didn’t disappoint at all.  We finally got that Radiohead album we were all clamoring for and even got some releases we weren’t expecting to see in 2016 (we’re looking at you, SchmilcoAbandoned Mansion, Epoch and Run The Jewls 3).

There were so many great releases that it was difficult keeping up with all of them, which was literally half the battle.  You’ll notice that some artists I chose multiple songs which is not a mistake, its 100% on purpose.  There were certain songs from certain artists off of certain albums that just were just so good that I couldn’t not include them.

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Favorite Live Photos of 2014

By Will Oliver, February 5th 2015


(Foals at Terminal 5)

There was no shortage of great shows to be found in 2014. You can find the best 50 that I saw in 2014 right here. Throughout the year, we took thousands upon thousands of photos, documenting every moment of these unforgettable shows. We put in a lot of work trying to capture the essence of these performances, and I wanted to share these photos with you in one giant collection.

These are not only photos that I took, but also photos taken by our great team of contributing photographers. They’re posted in chronological order, as there was simply no other right way to go about ordering the photos. Below each photo, is the link to the original post, as well as the photographer credit (if it’s other than myself).

So with that said, sit back, and enjoy our favorite live concert photos that we took in 2014. You can also find the gallery posted over at our facebook page. There’s probably one too many photos posted here, but we probably saw way too many shows.
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Back in January I was lucky enough to catch the NYC stop of The Gene Clark No Other Band’s tour when they played at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

It was a special evening, as I got to see such great talents such as Beach House, Robin Pecknold, Hamilton Leithauser, Daniel Rossen and more perform the wonderful songs off Gene Clark’s No Other.

It seems Pitchfork was there too as they captured the whole concert, minus the encore. So if you weren’t able to catch any of the performances, now is your chance to take the whole night in.

Find the show posted below.
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