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Digits – Love Is Only Affection

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2012


Digits will release a new EP titled Love Is Only Affection next February 26. Alt has released the title track as his first music video. It features an alien witnessing the weird sorts of “love” that are featured on this planet. The track itself is more great stuff from Digits that continues his seemingly never ending streak of electro-pop gems.

Watch the video below and then grab a mp3 download.

[mp3]: Digits – Love Is Only Affection

Digits – Walking With The Dead

By Will Oliver, November 24th 2012

“Walking With The Dead” is the latest chapter from DigitsIn the City of the Dead project. Let Alt cool you off with his hypnotic synth-led treats. Check it out below via Bad Panda Records.

Chapter 8: Walking with the Dead

The flatbed truck rolls slowly through the streets of the city, speakers blaring as J performs from its centre. Five armed Mona Lisas are also aboard, in case of trouble.

J’s recruitment jingle seems to go over well. People in the city are unaccustomed to hearing music much anymore, and the truck quickly attracts a following of impoverished and impressionable youth.

They occasionally have to re-route around packs of zombies, but the membership drive goes smoothly. They celebrate later at the Underground. The Mona Lisas are pleased with J and are happy to keep him under their protection. J feels a slight sense of security, a feeling he hasn’t experienced since it all started.

But his conscience is not clean.

[mp3]: Digits – Walking With The Dead

[new]: Digits – Good Morning

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2012

The next chapter of Digits novel/song journey is called “Good Morning”, and it was premiered over at Silent Shout. We got to premiere the 2nd chapter, “Street Violence” last week. Take a listen to “Good Morning” below, and find the next chapter right after.

Do you still need my convincing to listen to Digits at this point? Didn’t think so.

[mp3]: Digits – Good Morning

Chapter 4:

If you wanted to hear the real news, you tuned into the station that was controlled by the gangs:

Good morning, City of the Dead. This is your daily broadcast, so listen to it. The Mona Lisas are still on top, the Cardinals are close. There’s a truce between the two, but it’s so fragile. And the Chemical Superfreaks are looking to start to start a war between the two factions. This is the news.

Good morning. Something’s wrong. The Chemical Superfreaks are all dead. But their bodies keep moving. Like something in a movie. And now they’re sealing off the city. They’re gonna leave us in here!

Good morning! Good morning, all you damned! All you forgotten motherfuckers in the City of the Dead, good morning!

Two days after the zombie outbreak, J is separated from his wife in a panicked crowd.

[Premiere]: Digits – Street Violence

By Will Oliver, October 26th 2012 — with 5 comments

Digits have given us the great honor of premiering the next chapter in his magnificent In The City Of The Dead project, which is his own mini novel, which features a new song for each chapter. He is premiering each song/chapter on a new music blog (He released the prologue on 20jazzfunkgreats and “Get Angry” at Dummy Mag.) and we are fortunate enough to share Chapter 2: Street Violence with you guys.

It’s another great chapter in the career of Mr. Alt Altman, who has created another wonderful piece of exciting electro-pop that will put chills up and down your spine. Bouncy playful bleeps go head-to-head with his trademark ice laden synth atmosphere, creating an entire world – just like his story.

[mp3]: Digits – Street Violence

Chapter 2: Street Violence



Their unsettling chant still ringing in his ears, J has just narrowly escaped a gang on his way home. He catches his breath, pours himself a cup of coffee. Then breaks down in tears. It’s getting to be too much.

Daily life has become truly frightening. It’s been too dangerous to go out alone at night for a while, but now the gangs rule the streets even in the daytime. He calls his wife. He is glad to be alive. He doesn’t tell her how close a call it was.

Later that night he hears screams. A gang toying with their victim. One of the hoodlums clinks several bottles together menacingly and repeatedly calls out her name. She keeps screaming. J and his wife hold each other, listening, shaking, crying.

J thinks to himself: it’s only a matter of time…what will I do when they’re calling my name?

A powerful Panasonic sound system is made for the seamless delivery of your favorite music from a variety of sources.

Digits – Get Angry

By Will Oliver, October 23rd 2012 — with 1 comment

Digits have to be one of the busiest musicans going right now. Not only does Alt Altman churn out a lot of music, but it’s all at the same level of quality. His new project is a serialized story-album where he has written a story, and has a song for each chapter. Read about the project here.

He is releasing each chapter/song on a different music blog. He released the prologue (“Prologue: In the City of the Dead”) on 20jazzfunkgreats and today he released “Get Angry” at Dummy Mag.

Ice-cool synth pop that will chill your every bone is still the heart of Digits, and it’s exactly what I needed right now.

[mp3]: Digits – Get Angry

Chapter One: Get Angry

…Before things got really bad…

J wakes up in bed to the sounds of the daily broadcast. The disturbing trend of pro-violence propaganda has reached new heights, government spokespeople are now openly encouraging hatred of others:


Next broadcast: STREET VIOLENCE is on the rise

J sits down to write: “The government needs people to remain in their homes/Enraged gangs in the streets serve their purposes well.” But J knows publishing the article would accomplish nothing. And he is afraid of becoming a target. And he has a comfortable life.

Maybe it will all just go away.

Digits Release New EP: Where Do You Belong?

By Will Oliver, June 15th 2012

Alt Altman’s project as Digits is becoming my go to for electronic r&b. He is a master at creating emotional moments through dance worthy electronics that overwhelm you in the best way possible. He’s back with a new EP titled Where Do You Belong? which officially drops July 10.

Below you can download two of the EP’s best tracks. The icey title track, and the lush “Eight Long Years”. Both should help cool you down during the sweltering dog days of summer that are soon upon us.

[mp3]: Digits – Where Do You Belong?
[mp3]: Digits – Eight Long Years

Digits – So Cold

By Will Oliver, March 27th 2012

On April 2nd Digits will release a mixtape titled Death and Desire. “So Cold” is a sensual cut from the mixtape that continues Alt Altman’s trend for creating iced out synth tracks.

The mixtape will be available to download on the 2nd. For now, dive into “So Cold”, available below.

[mp3]: Digits – So Cold

[Premiere]: Digits – Modern Mess

By Will Oliver, November 17th 2011

Alt Altman, the pop brainchild behind London artist (via Toronto) Digits, has given us the exclusive premiere of his new single, “Modern Mess”. When we last heard from Digits it was via “Lost Dream”, which I adored a great deal. So I’m really honored that Alt let us reveal his latest gem.

“Modern Mess” is slow sensual electronic music in the finest form. This is the type of stuff that will warm you up even during the coldest winter frost. It’s got a confident hook that is translated with ease through his slow, confident vocals. It’s not to be missed.

Download it below thanks to Digits himself.
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Digits – Lost Dream

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2011

“Lost Dream” is a hypnotic, seductive, electronic track that will effectively sway your mood. It’s from upcoming artist Digits, the project of Alt Altman, who hails from Toronto, bringing cold textured, effective electronic music with him. He has a voice similar to Owen Pallet, and creates music that can be compared to Hot Chip and Junior Boys.

“Lost Dream” demonstrates the beauty that electronic music is capable of when in the right hands.

[mp3]: Digits – Lost Dream

“Lost Dream” will be on his new EP of the same title, which he’s offering as a free download. Grab that at his website. It’s a great release that you shouldn’t sleep on.


Not even one of the coldest days/nights of the year in New York City could stop fans from coming out for Martin Courtney’s sold out show at Baby’s All Right just one day before Valentines Day. Also, when we say one of the coldest, we really do mean it – when doors opened temperatures were hovering around 10º F with a wind chill that made it feel like it was the low single digits. The frigid cold temperatures didn’t stop anybody from getting there early though to catch openers and fellow NYC bands Cut Worms and EZTV though, as this was one show not to be missed.
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