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1_Fidlar_Bowery Ballroom

In late May hard-hitting rockers FIDLAR and METZ brought their tour to Bowery Ballroom for the first of a sold out two-night run, with a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg coming the following night. This was a duel-headlining tour, with the two bands rotating as headliners each night. The show featuring an opening set from Brooklyn’s Honduras, who seem to be opening all the hot shows this year.

1_Metz_Bowery Ballroom

Canadian rockers METZ released their second self-titled album METZ II earlier in the year via Sub Pop, and they brought it’s hard-hitting garage rock jams to life with purpose. The crowd didn’t waste anytime working up a sweat, throwing their bodies willingly into one another, with beer flying in the air almost in cinematic fashion. This was my first time seeing them live since their breakthrough CMJ run in 2012, and they were just as good, if not better, than I recalled.

The fun continued with L.A. punk-rockers FIDLAR, who took the shows reckless nature to even further heights. Their set was a rapturous ball of energy that just begs for bodies to be flying at all angles, with crowd-surfers working together around the clock. Their set had Bowery Ballroom crowd so crazy that midway through their powerhouse set the venue had to put one of their security guards on stage alongside them. I’ve seen countless shows at Bowery, but this was a first.

2_Fidlar_Bowery Ballroom

It speaks volumes to FIDLAR, who are able to summon this kind of free spirit chaos at a moments notice, making it all seem effortless. But that’s not to say that frontman Zach Carper and the rest of the group aren’t ready to throw their bodies onto the floor in dramatic fashion when need be. They put their all into their performance, and the crowd takes notice and responds.

They’ll return with their sophomore album Too on September 4 via Mom + Pop Music. It’s bound to be the soundtrack to latenight shitshows around college campuses everywhere. And that’s the way it should be.
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[music video]: FIDLAR – Cocaine (feat. Nick Offerman)

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2013 — with 1 comment


FIDLAR’s music video for “Cocaine” features Parks and Recreation legend Ron Swanson himself: the great, Nick Offerman. Of course it starts with him carving wood, only this time he gets fired. This sends him on a rampage of chugging 40 oz.’s and pissing literally all over the place. With that said, trust me when I say this isn’t a video to be watched at work or near the children.

It is pretty awesome on all levels. This is pretty much what would happen if Ron Swanson got fired and simultaneously had run ins with both the Tammys.

Watch it below via Funny or Die:


Wavves, FIDLAR, Cheatahs @ Shea Stadium (April 12, 2013)

By Will Oliver, April 14th 2013 — with 2 comments

, FIDLAR, and Cheatahs got together Friday night to play a solid bill at Shea Stadium. All three bands praised the venue as one of the best in the city, and it’s hard to argue with them. It’s as intimate of a spot as they come, they have cheap beer, and it seems like it’s filled out by real music fans.

Cheatahs kicked things of with a set filled of heavy guitars soaked in reverb. The London band possess an ample skillset that gives them a kinetic boost while on set. They were an energetic bunch that could pull you in with a catchy melody, and then throw you in a shoe-gazy daze right when you least expect it. Definitely ones to keep an eye out for.

FIDLAR came out and immediately chaos started brewing in the young crowd. The band had a fuck you lets rock and roll approach and it was a glorious thing to see. They had nothing on their mind but drinking some beer and rocking out. They started their set with “Cheap Beer” which was just asking for it. They are a great deal of fun live and really bring the energy with a kick in the ass.

Wavves played a non-nonsense set for about 45 minutes that brought all the sugary rush of his pop-punk right in your face. As a 4-piece Wavves have succesfully found a perfect band for his sound. Playing all the goods from Afraid Of Heights as well as 2010’s King Of The Beach, there wasn’t a dull moment in the set, keeping the heads nodding and the young kids moshing. His live show is a rapid fire extension of his recorded material, so if you enjoy Wavves, you’ll have a good time at his show.




FIDLAR – Gimme Something

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2012

FIDLAR have released a new track called “Gimme Something.” It’s a sunnier cut from the garage rock group, who create something that’s a mix of Ty Segall and Wavves on a good summer day. It’s off their debut self-titled album, which comes out January 22 via Mom + Pop.

Take a listen over at Rolling Stone.

[new]: FIDLAR – White on White

By Will Oliver, October 8th 2012

FIDLAR have released a new song titled “White on White” that is an impeccably awesome guitar stomper. Boozey garage riffs and chaos unfold  quickly, immediately reels you in. I can only imagine the insanity that their live shows have, especially when this gets played.

“White on White” is taken from their self titled debut album, which Mom + Pop will release on January 22. “Cheap Beer” will also be on the album. Find the tracklist below.

01 Cheap Beer
02 Stoked & Broke
03 White on White
04 No Waves
05 Whore
06 Max Can’t Surf
07 Black Out Stout
08 Wake Bake Skate
09 Gimme Something
10 Five to Nine
11 LDA
12 Paycheck
13 Wait for the Man
14 Cocaine

[new]: FIDLAR – I Just Wanna Die

By Will Oliver, September 17th 2012

Today FIDLAR shared a new song titled “I Just Wanna Die” on their tumblr. It’s a simple but catchy number, full of sunny California vibes. You may be hearing a bit of Wavves somewhere in there.

Take a listen below via their tumblr.

This may or may not be on their debut album next year. “Cheap Beer” will be.

FIDLAR – Cheap Beer

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2012 — with 3 comments

FIDLAR is an L.A. band whose name is an acronym for “Fuck It, Dog, Like’s A Risk”. So it’s not surprising that they have a song called “Cheap Beer”. It makes even more sense that its a full throttle rager that is a dedication and defender of all the cheap brew lovers out there.

The band recently signed to Mom+Pop, who will release their debut album next year. “Cheap Beer” is off of it. We can only hope the rest of the album is as off-the-wall awesome as this.

[mp3]: FIDLAR – Cheap Beer

The band is touring with Delta Spirit/JEFF The Brotherhood, and will play at Irving Plaza on November 27.

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2015

By Will Oliver, March 18th 2016 — with 1 comment


Artwork thanks to our very own Anthony Bauer

We look back 2015 fondly, one of the best years of music in some time. There was almost too much of it, making it nearly an impossible task to come up with my top albums of the year. Even worse, was choosing the best songs of the year.

Many albums had multiple offerings that deserved recognition, but I tried my best to limit it to one song per artist, except for a few special cases. It wasn’t easy to do a top 100 list, but it was fun to reflect on 2015 with all the sounds that helped soundtrack my life throughout those months.

Below you can find the list posted in countdown style from 100-1, and I’ve created a handy Spotify playlist in countdown order for your listening convenience and pleasure. I’ve posted the embeded playlist below.

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Governors Ball 2016 Single Day
Last month the 2016 Governors Ball Music Festival lineup was announced, and it’s another exciting year for the hometown New York festival. We’re excited to return this year and can’t wait for June to get here.

Tickets have been on sale for about a month now, but it wasn’t until today that single day passes went on sale. You can find the entire single day lineups posted in the image above (as well as a written out version below), making it easier for those who are only interested in a certain headliner or group of acts to get in on the action.

Head here to buy single day (as well as 3-day passes), but don’t wait too long on it, the single day passes are more limited than the regular 3-day passes, so they won’t last nearly as long.
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