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Hot Chip at Governors Ball 2015

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2015 — with 1 comment

1_Hot Chip_Governors Ball 2015

Going into Governors Ball one of the sets I was most excited for was Hot Chip. Every single time that I’ve seen them perform live is as joyous as the last, and you just know you’re going to get a set full of all of the songs you want to hear, only brought to life in ways you forgot were possible.

They kicked off their performance with Why Make Sense? (out via Domino Records) lead single “Huarache Lights,” a scorcher that was taken to new levels live, getting the dance party started at once. They followed it with an almost unfair group of their best singles: “One Life Stand,” “Night & Day,” “Flutes,” and “Over and Over.” Hot Chip have mastered the art of blending rock elements with electronic dance grooves, finding an equilibrium between the two that is truly the best of both worlds.


1. Huarache Lights
2. One Life Stand
3. Night & Day
4. Flutes
5. Over and Over
6. Look at Where We Are
7. Cry for You
8. Need You Now
9. Ready for the Floor
10. I Feel Better
11. Let Me Be Him
12. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
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Hot Chip

Oh yes. Hot Chip are back, set to release a brand new album titled Why Make Sense? on May 18 via Domino Records.

It’s the sixth album, and their second released with Domino. The band recorded it in both Oxfordshire and London, producing it themselves, along with producer Mark Ralph (who also helped them with 2012’s In Our Heads)

Along with the announcement came the music video for the album’s opener, “Huarache Lights.” The video is based around a light installation by artist Robert Bell and filmed in one take by director Andy Knowles. As for the song, it see Hot Chip dive deeper into the murky waters of synths, finding a new avenue for their always welcome dance-rock infusion. This one has a different feel to it, a little bit darker, but still very much Hot Chip. I can’t wait to hear this one played at Governors Ball.

Check out the video below.
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Interview: Felix Martin Of New Build (And Hot Chip)

By Dana Pacifico, December 30th 2014


Photo by Dana Pacifico

New Build is the side-project of Hot Chip members Felix Martin and Al Doyle, as well as engineer Tom Hopkins. With the release of new album Pour It On earlier in the year, the electronic group returned to the states for a mini U.S. tour in early December.

The band rolled in to New York on December 3 to play Mercury Lounge, which we covered with a set of photos. But before the show, I met up with Felix Martin to talk about the new record, members roles within the group, and the difference of releasing their music on a label, as opposed to self-releasing.

Find the interview posted below:
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Interview: Alexis Taylor (Of Hot Chip)

By Will Oliver, August 11th 2014

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor is the soft spoken vocalist and frontman of Hot Chip, the London outfit that has made you dance and one point or another. This year he released a new solo album called Await Barbarians a gentle album made for private listening on your headphones (his words).

Late last month I had the pleasuring of speaking to Taylor over the phone a week after seeing him play a show at Rough Trade. We spoke about a variety of things, such as how the show went, his new album, how he balances so many projects, and of course, the new Hot Chip album that is in production.

Find our full conversation posted below.
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Hot Chip – Atomic Bomb (William Onyeabor Cover)

By Will Oliver, April 1st 2014 — with 1 comment

Hot Chip

I’ll take new music from Hot Chip in any way I can get it. They have recorded a cover of William Onyeabor’s “Atomic Bomb” for a compilation of bands covering/remixing William Onyeabor tracks called WHAT?!: William Onyeabor Remixed. The compilation is a Record Store Day exclusive that David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop is releasing.

The cover is right in Hot Chip’s wheelhouse. Enjoy it below.

Hot Chip @ Lollapalooza (8/2/2013)

By Will Oliver, August 6th 2013 — with 1 comment


Hot Chip
never cease to amaze. Every time I see them seems to be better and better than the last. They’ve found a niche that lays in between the best worlds of dance-rock and electronica with a funky soul groove.

Call it what you want, because at the end of the day, they will leave you dancing and having a blast, while also sounded technically brilliant. Last year they stole the show at the Pitchfork Music Festival, and this year they were arguably the best show I saw on Friday. Hot Chip are a band you don’t want to miss live, they just know how to bring it. It was cool to hear new single “Dark & Stormy”, which is truly one of the better songs we’ve heard this year.


Check out more photos after the jump.
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[new]: Hot Chip – Dark & Stormy

By Will Oliver, June 4th 2013 — with 1 comment


Hot Chip are back with a new single titled “Dark & Stormy.” Somehow the band always seem to find a way to release something new, always keeping busy. The single is a one off release for Domino that will come out on July 23. The b-side is a new version of “Look At Where We Are.”

“Dark & Stormy” does indeed feature a darker vibe from the Brits than normal, with their nerd-funk  dance vibes very much intact still as well. It’s something that’s both romantic and danceable. Hot Chip are one of the more reliable groups in the game at this point, so none of this should come as much of a surprise.

Hot Chip @ Roseland Ballroom (April 9, 2013)

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2013

Hot Chip seem to have grown as a band exponentially every time that I see them. Not even in terms of their band member count – which has definitely grown – but in scope. The crowds and venues just keep getting bigger and bigger. This makes sense, Hot Chip have a sound that attracts all kinds of music fans. They can just as easily bring down the house with huge dance vibes as they can rock out. They even have an emotional core that can devastate you just as equally. There’s not much that Hot Chip can’t do.

During the front end of the show they dominated us with an incredible consecutive run of songs (“One Life Stand” -> “Night & Day” -> “Flutes” -> “Over and Over”) that was simply ridiculous.

They finished off with “Shake A Fist”, “Boy From School” and “Ready For The Floor” which had the place going, and carried them to the encore. I didn’t know what else they had left after giving us so many goodies in the early stage of the set, but they finished off with a four song encore that included huge performances of “I Feel Better” and “Let Me Be Him.” It was magical.

I’ll admit to being somewhat skeptical that Hot Chip would fill in the rather large space of Roseland. But they did it, and they did it quite well.

Find the setlist posted below.

1. How Do You Do?
2. Don’t Deny Your Heart
3. One Life Stand
4. Night & Day
5. Flutes
6. Over and Over
7. Shake a Fist
8. And I Was a Boy from School
9. Ready for the Floor

10. We’re Looking for a Lot of Love
11. No Fit State
12. I Feel Better
13. Let Me Be Him

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