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Indian Rebound – Los Flamingos EP

By Will Oliver, July 24th 2013

Indian Rebound

Indian Rebound are no strangers to these parts. We’ve watch them grow as a band over the years, and they make a big leap here with their brand new release, the Los Flamingos EP.

The band consisting of 18-year-olds, Ethan Levenson, Gianni de Falco, and Devan Davies-Wood, have crafted their finest work to date. It’s a mature, tight offering that sees familiar (to us) songs reshaped and perfected, as well as some new songs sounded crisp and youthful. There’s a late night atmosphere to the collection of material on the EP, meant for a few beers and good company. It’s amazing how far these guys have come since we first posted their stuff, and we imagine that this is only the start.

Good news. The EP is currently available to download for free at bandcamp, for a limited time. So head here to snag it, or give it a stream below. It just premiered over at Self-Titled Mag.

Palma Violets, Indian Rebound, The So So Glos @ Shea Stadium (January 19, 2013)

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2013 — with 3 comments

Palma Violets had a huge 2012 in the UK making the Londoners one of the hottest bands coming into 2013. They made their first trip to the U.S. over the weekend playing at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, making it their first American show ever.

There was that special feeling in the air during their set. Many people automatically dismiss bands that get a lot of love from the NME, arguing that their popularity will be short lived. I don’t know if Palma Violets are going to save rock and roll and all that nonsense, but I do know that they put on a solid rock and roll live show. There was a special buzz in the air during their set, the type of feeling that only comes at the start of a young bands career. Seeing them play to a young, high-energized crowd was something special. Everyone lost it during “Best Of Friends”, the breakthrough single that launched the bands career.

If you have a chance to see them in intimate venues during this exciting start of their career, please do.

Indian Rebound were one of the supporting acts of the night. They continue to improve literally every time that I see them. The guys are growing up, and they are improving with their playing along the way. Their set was concise, fast, and explosive, making them seem more and more like a fully formed act than ever before. They are really coming along.

The So So Glos, and Soft Black opened as well and also gave the crowd high energy sets that were easy to enjoy.

Check out galleries of Palma Violets & Indian Rebound below.
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[new]: Indian Rebound – Bowery Brats

By Will Oliver, October 1st 2012 — with 1 comment

Indian Rebound are back with a new single titled “Bowery Brats”, and with it, they launch forward into an exciting new era. Immediately the song hooks you in with a viciously great guitar riff by Gianni de Falco. Lead singer Ethan Levenson sounds as confident as ever, as he should. Take note: This is Indian Rebound version 2.0.

All of the pieces have come together, giving the young Manhattan band a new sense of identity led by “Bowery Brats” shuffling dance-charged beat. Terrifically composed with a major sense of urgency, the combination of the riff and shuffling drumming sends an electric shock through every bone and joint. Hitting replay is the only sensible next move. This is a tremendous new single that makes me really reconsider this band as one the best kept secrets in music.

Find me more 17-year-old rockers that can chug out something of this quality, and you can write this blog for me.

[new]: Indian Rebound – Backlash

By Will Oliver, August 24th 2012 — with 2 comments

Mahattan’s Indian Rebound have just released a brand new song called “Backlash” which is penned to appear on a 7″ that the band are planning to release later this year.
The band continue to further their sound with every new release, and this guitar-friendly track is no different. The band spot up, aim high, and strike again.
The band are playing at Pianos tonight along with Fast Years. They go on around 9 p.m. “Backlash” is posted below.

Indian Rebound – The Wooden Ones

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2012 — with 1 comment

Indian Rebound are back with a new polished single titled “The Wooden Ones” that is strong step leap forward for the young New Yorkers. The addition of backup singers helps expand their sound even further, pushing them towards a confident, unstoppable, groove.

Indian Rebound have once again proven themselves to be one of the best young bands around. This new single solidifies them as a top band to keep an eye on. The single was recorded with Ted Young (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Male Bonding, Blonde Redhead) at Headgear Recording in Brooklyn, New York

Take a listen below.

[new]: Indian Rebound – Memories

By Will Oliver, October 16th 2011 — with 2 comments

Fresh off yesterday’s show at Binghamton University, Indian Rebound have released their latest song, “Memories”. It was a standout last night, and now it’s ready for all of you guys to hear.

One of the dreamiest cuts from these guys provides a vivid atmospheric that snows tremendous growth. The guitar work is one of the many glowing qualities found on “Memories”.

Stream “Memories” below and go download it from the band over at bandcamp.

[mp3]: Indian Rebound – Memories

Free Energy // Indian Rebound @ Binghamton University

By Will Oliver, October 16th 2011 — with 1 comment

Free Energy and Indian Rebound both made the trek up to play at Binghamton University via BUMP last night, and what a great night it was.

Indian Rebound welcomed new drummer Rex, who fit in well with lead singer Ethan Levenson, guitarist Gianni de Falco, and bassist Devan Davies-Wood. They continue to grow with every performance, getting better and better in every way. They debuted plenty of new tracks that impressed the entire crowd, who wasted no time in grabbing the free cd-r’s that the band offered them after the set. A telling sign towards these guys increasingly bright future.

Free Energy welcomed new guitarist Sheridan Fox who took over rhythm guitar duties left vacant by Geoff Bucknam. Sheridan didn’t miss a beat, showing just as much enthusiasm as Geoff always did. It was the first show that the band had played in a while, so it was only fitting that they shared a few new tunes. If you enjoyed their first album Stuck On Nothing (who doesn’t?), you’re going to fall just as hard for the new jams.

The new songs are fun, full of more of that glamorous throwback rock and roll that is going to surely ready to soundtrack nights of drinking and ridiculous fun. They still played all of the good stuff from Stuck On Nothing, as well as “Something In Common” and “C’mon Let’s Dance”, two songs that should never leave their set. It was as intimate of a show as you can ask, a rare difference from NYC that was generally very refreshing.

Lead singer/dance master Paul Sprangers told me that the band is currently working on their new album which we can probably expect it sometime during the summer of 2012. Summer can’t come soon enough.

Hit the jump for a pretty rad photo of Free Energy sound checking:
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[new]: Indian Rebound – Denim

By Will Oliver, October 6th 2011

Here’s a new Indian Rebound track in the form of “Denim”. Ethan and the band continue to deliver dreamy jams that continue to prove that these guys are way ahead of the time. You can tell that masterful care and craftsmanship was put into “Denim”.

Take a listen below:

Indian Rebound are going to be opening up for Free Energy next Saturday, October 15, at my very own school, Binghamton University. You know where to be. Here’s all the info.

[new] Indian Rebound – So Strange // Dance With Me

By Will Oliver, August 17th 2011

Just when you thought Indian Rebound couldn’t impress anymore they drop their impressive new singles, “So Strange” & “Dance With Me”. The band have never sounded as polished and mature as they do on these exciting new songs. Ethan Levenson’s lyrics and guitar work has come even further since their debut EP.

The young band has more experience under the belt and it’s reflected on both tracks. People who think guitar rock is dead need to add Indian Rebound to their musical diet.

Take a listen to both songs below via the bands bandcamp page:

Indian Rebound @ Union Pool (June 16, 2011)

By Will Oliver, June 19th 2011

Indian Rebound played at Brooklyn’s Union Pool as a part of the annual Northside Festival. They took the opportunity to debut a few new songs – all of which impressed me a great deal. The songs are heavier in more ways than one, proving that these guys aren’t afraid to experiment – a telling sign of what we can expect from the band.

The songs taken from their debut EP sound even stronger than last time, due in part to the fact that the band has grown tighter as a collective unit. They may be young but this band is growing up with every performance, and it’s only a matter of time until they hit things in full stride. I hope that your a believer in Indian Rebound because things are about to get pretty serious in their court.

Check out some more photos after the jump. The band will be playing at Cake Shop on July 1st. You better be there.

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