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Future Islands at Death By Audio (November 18, 2014)

By Will Oliver, December 18th 2014

1_Future Islands_DBA

On November 18 Future Islands were the secret guests at Death By Audio. Once word spread that it was them, it didn’t take much for a huge line to form all the way down to Kent Ave. It’s funny because Future Islands played DBA almost the same time a year ago to the date, but their following has grown quite substansially with the breakout year that they had this year thanks to the release of Singles.

Openers included Adam Schatz & The Farewell to Death by Audio Suite (Adam also plays in Man Man + Landlady), DJ Dog Dick and The Immaculates (DBA’s Matt Conboy along with Jay Heiselmann and Cyrus Lubin). Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington joined The Immaculates for a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing My Down,” which was an epic, but bittersweet moment for all.

It didn’t take long for the room to get packed for Future Islands, which was even weirder considering that during the opening sets the now prolific Sam Herring and the rest of Future Islands were walking around the venue just like the rest of us. As they took the stage Sam reminisced about their first show at Death By Audio back in 2007. Their popularity has grown quite a bit since then (they’re playing two nights at Terminal 5 in January) but Future Islands are still very much the same great band.

2_Future Islands_DBA

Herring was as energetic and emotional as ever, if not a little bit more for this special occasion, which surely hit close to home for him. The crowd went absolutely apeshit during the entire duration of the bands 14-song set, pushing and shoving in what resulted into a constant battle of position. You had people shoving, dancing, and crowd surfing. Hell, I even got kicked in the mouth by a tumbling crowdsurfer during the epic culmination of set-closer “Vireo’s Eye,” which saw the release of pink balloons into the crowd, as well as bassist William Cashion who surfed into our arms.

Calling the performance great is letting it down easy. It was my favorite damn concert of the entire year.

Photos and setlist posted below.


1. Back in the Tall Grass
2. A Dream of You and Me
3. Walking Through That Door
4. Balance
5. Before The Bridge
6. Doves
7. Heart Grows Old
8. A Song for Our Grandfathers
9. Light House
10. Seasons (Waiting on You)
11. Tin Man
12. Long Flight
13. Spirit
14. Vireo’s Eye

Future Islands:

3_Future Islands_DBA

4_Future Islands_DBA

05_Future Islands_DBA
6_Future Islands_DBA

7_Future Islands_DBA

8_Future Islands_DBA

9_Future Islands_DBA

10_Future Islands_DBA

11_Future Islands_DBA

12_Future Islands_DBA

13_Future Islands_DBA

14_Future Islands_DBA

15_Future Islands_DBA

16_Future Islands_DBA

17(2)_Future Islands_DBA

18(2)_Future Islands_DBA

19_Future Islands_DBA

20_Future Islands_DBA

21_Future Islands_DBA

22(2)_Future Islands_DBA

23(2)_Future Islands_DBA

24(2)_Future Islands_DBA

25_Future Islands_DBA

The Immaculates:

1_The Immaculates_DBA

2_The Immaculates_DBA

3_The Immaculates_DBA

4_The Immaculates_DBA

5_The Immaculates_DBA

6_The Immaculates_DBA

7_The Immaculates_DBA

8_The Immaculates_DBA

The Society Islands – Archer

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2014

The Society Islands

The Society Islands is the project of German-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Boris Rogowski. Last month he released his new album The Big Sleep.

On the album is the dreamy “Archer” which has some elements of Grizzly Bear at work with some mesmerizing synth work along with power-folk bits that provide a colorful soundscape that takes the listener to a different world completely.

Find “Archer” posted below.
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Future Islands at Boston Calling 2014

By Will Oliver, September 6th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_Future Islands

There was a energy in the air at City Hall Plaza last night, and that energy was Future Islands.

I don’t know what more I can say about Future Islands this year without repeating myself. But I will, since they’ve given top notch performance each and every time that I have seen them this year (four times now), and clearly deserve the praise. Last night’s Boston Calling performance (which opened the fest) was no different. Read the rest of this entry »

1_Future Islands

Last night featured a stacked free show at House Of Vans featuring performances from Future Islands, Operators, Omar Souleyman, Mas Ysa. With free beer attached to a lineup as solid as that, the show was very much filled to capacity. The venue filled up so fast that some fans who RSVP’d were shut out of the show even though they were waiting on line (I had a few friends who unfortunately didn’t make it in). I covered the sets from both Future Islands and Operators, and got some photos as well.
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There’s been no better story in 2014 than the rise of Future Islands. Not only are they arguably the best thing going right now in music, but they deserve it more so than anyone else. They’ve been working hard for years and its all lead up to this. Thanks to a legendary performance in front of Mr. Letterman, some incredible SXSW performances, as well as the release of their incredible new album Singles, it’s all added up to some well deserved success. On Wednesday night they landed in New York City to play a sold out show at Webster Hall along with fellow Baltimore bands Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and Chiffon. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch: Future Islands -Time For The Show

By Will Oliver, April 3rd 2014

Future Islands

The rise of Future Islands has without a doubt been one of the best stories of 2014. It’s been amazing to see the amount of success that their new album Singles has brought them.

Yours Truly captured the band right before it all went down in their latest “Time For The Show” series. They followed the band as they traveled from NYC to Baltimore for a homecoming show at a tiny Baltimore venue known as the Floristree. Director Tyler McPherron captured the drive there where the band talked about their music, Baltimore, playing live, and what success means to them. All this was mixed in with the band’s performances of “Seasons (Waiting on You)” and “A Dream of You and Me” from the show.

It’s a must watch. Find it posted below.
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Future Islands @ Hype Hotel (March 13, 2014)

By Will Oliver, March 20th 2014


Ask most SXSW attendees who was the “winner” of SXSW, most would tell you Future Islands, and you know what, they’re right. I don’t think any other act left the festival with as much buzz and praise as the Baltimore, Maryland band.

What’s odd is that with the release of their latest LP Singles this week, the band have four albums under their belt. So by no means are they newbies. But they’re starting to connect with audiences on a totally different level. The first start was their epic performance of “Seasons (Waiting On You)” on Letterman. Then they’ve been just plain killing it live. Word of mouth spread, and damn, I don’t think there’s a hotter band going right now.

I’m glad because after seeing them live for the first time at Hype Hotel, these guys deserve it. Frontman Samuel Herring is as captivating of a frontman as they come. His passionate, husky vocals and crab-like dance movements are quirky and awkward (in the best way). But they’re very much his, and because its so honest and true, its transcendent. You’ll think of them when you’re listening to Future Islands or the next time their name comes up. When he wasn’t dancing he was singing to fans, looking at you dead in the eyes as he conveyed his lines.


Getting to hear “Seasons (Waiting On You” live made me appreciate what these guys are about. They have this quality to them that just hits you like a ton of bricks, taking over your entire body and soul without you even realizing, or knowing why. They just got it.

Future Islands have a sold out show at Webster Hall on April 30. I advise you find a way to get your hand on tickets, as it’s a show you don’t want to miss. Hopefully I will see you there.

Find many photos of their fantastic performance below. But first, here’s their Letterman performance:
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[new]: Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

By Will Oliver, January 21st 2014 — with 1 comment

Future Islands - Singles

Last week Future Islands announced their new album Singles is out March 25 via 4AD.

They’ve given us our first taste of the record, with the album’s first single: “Seasons (Waiting On You).” You’ll notice it’s a more polished sound from the band, but those distinct vocals from singer Samuel T. Herring are still very much working their magic. Loving that groovy bass-line and the general sound of this track.

You can check it out via it’s music video. Jay Buim directed it. It’s posted below.
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[new]: Islands – Wave Forms

By Will Oliver, July 9th 2013

Islands - Sky Mask

Islands are back with a new album called Ski Mask, it will come out September via frontman Nick Thorburn’s label Manqué. It’s the quick follow-up to last years A Sleep & A Forgetting. They made the announcement to day by releasing the album’s first single “Wave Forms.”

The single sounds like a good mix of everything Islands has released over their career, which is no accident. This is basically what happened with the new album. Thorburn explained in a press release:

This record is really about being angry. For better or worse, this record kind of sums up my experience thus far with being in a band. I feel like we’re kind of at a crossroads and this record is kind of me just declaring forfeiture in some ways. Like the third act of a movie—just after it seems like all hope is lost, that’s when the big breakthrough moment happens. For Islands, this is us waiting for the breakthrough moment.

This record is kind of a culmination of all the different things we’ve done over the years. It’s basically a melting pot of all those sounds. So much of this record is about identity—specifically, the quest for finding out your own identity. … All of these feelings and ideas that have been bubbling up over the course of four previous albums finally came to the surface on this one. This record is like a summation of Islands, everything we’ve ever done distilled into one record. It’s basically an essential introduction to Islands—it’s everything we’ve ever been about.

Listen to “Ski Mask” below.

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