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[new]: Jens Lekman – Regarding A Package

By Will Oliver, April 30th 2013

Jens Lekman just finds way to keep busy. He always seems to be releasing new material no matter if he has any scheduled releases planned. He’s definitely caught up with the times.

His latest song is “Regarding A Package”, a contribution to ESOPUS magazine’s themed audio compilation “Customer Service”, where artists penned songs about experiences with customer service.

Lekamn took on the task, and wrote a bout various odd things that fans had sent them, that got detained by Australia customs before he ever got them. One of the packages included a dead bird.

Jens’ side of the story:

When I was living in Melbourne I used to get some really weird (but occasionally really fun) packages from some fans who had been able to track down my new address. There were packages with food, dust, wooden sculptures, fluids, bottled air from Ohio and on at least one occassion – a dead bird. Sealed in a plastic bag apparently but still a dead bird.

I say apparently because Australia has some of the strictest quarantine rules in the world and I only heard about it from the customs. Most of this stuff never reached me, sometimes the package would show up with a note notifying me what was missing and why it had been removed. Most times I had to call the customs and talk to them, this started taking up a lot of time.

That’s not really a story worth a song I thought to myself. Until Esopus magazine asked me to write something on the theme ‘customer service’. Listen to ‘Regarding A Package’ here.

Listen below via LB4YB.

Jens Lekman – Olivia & Maddy

By Will Oliver, January 10th 2013 — with 4 comments


After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, Jens Lekman’s pianist Jonas was stranded in New York with no way to catch a flight from Boston in order to make the bands west coast tour in time. That’s when Jens took to social media asking if any fans would drive Jonah from New York to Boston. He offered them not only cash, but also that he would write a song about them.

True to his word, Jens wrote a song about the two girls who helped save his tour with “Olivia & Maddy.” How can you not love Jens?

[mp3]: Jens Lekman – Olivia & Maddy

Jens Lekman is returning with a new album titled I Know What Love Isn’t, his first album in 5 years. Yeah it’s been that long since Night Falls Over Kortedala came out.

“Erica America” is the lead track from the album, which will be out September 4th via Secretly Canadian. It’s trademark retro-romantic beauty from Mr. Lekman, who wastes no time reassuring us that he is back. It’s available to stream below.

[new]: Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself

By Will Oliver, August 4th 2011

Good old Jens Lekman has given us a free download of the title song from his upcoming EP, An Argument With Myself. He shared the song on his website, along with this message:

In the case “Jens Lekman vs. Jens Lekman”, we will look closer at the evidence presented – the photo I had carried in my breastpocket for a whole year, the pressed honeysuckle, the wind so rich on summer and so sweet – how are these things connected and why are they relevant?

It’s trademark swoon vocals from Jens showing a dancier side. It’s sounding oh so sweet, in Jens Lekman fashion.

[mp3]: Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself

An Argument With Myself drops September 20 via Secretly Canadian.

Jens Lekman Announces New EP: An Argument With Myself

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2011 — with 2 comments

The last official release from Jens Lekman was his 2007 LP, Night Falls Over Kortedala. That all changes on September 20 when he releases his new EP, titled An Argument With Myself, via Secretly Canadian.

Jens calls the EP “A taste of what’s not to come” in an interview with the Walla Walla Washington Union Bulletin. It’s a great read and gives us a little insight of what is to come from the EP. Here’s the tracklisting as well:

1. An Argument with Myself
2. Waiting for Kirsten
3. A Promise
4. New Directions
5. So This Guy at My Office

Some US tour dates after the jump. Tickets to both of his NYC dats go on sale this Friday:
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