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[music video]: Keane – Silenced By The Night

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2012

“Silenced By The Night” is the first single from Keane’s upcoming new album Strangeland. It’s the 4th album from the band. I hadn’t heard much about the new album prior to this music video’s release. Their last album, Perfect Symmetry came out around my blog’s first few months. So yeah, it’s been a while.

Strangeland will be released May 8th on Cherrytree/Interscope Records. Check out “Silenced By The Night” below.
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Keane Announce New EP : Night Train

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2010

Where has all the love for Keane gone? Is it uncool to like them now? Well f- that! Keane are still a favorite of mine. I absolutely adore Hopes & Fear, and think they have taken a pretty interesting direction ever since then!

They are releasing a brand new 8 song EP called Night Train globally on May 10th. You can preorder the EP now, and I recommend doing so because the physical copy is limited.

I posted the tracklisting below. You can’t help but notice all of the K’Naan featured tracks. I am pretty curious as to how he will fit into their new sound. Something tells me this isn’t going to be the same Keane that we heard on Hopes and Fears! I am not too sure what to expect from this EP, hopefully it will be good things!

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Keane – Cast No Shadow (Oasis Cover)

By Will Oliver, August 27th 2009

I posted a short video clip of Keane covering “Cast No Shadow” by Oasis from the V Festival the other day. It was only a brief clip, so I couldn’t supply you with any mp3 rip.

Luckily for us uploaded the full thing, and now I can give you all a proper mp3. This is a good cover, Tom’s vocal’s fit the song very well. Top notch.

thanks to Jackie from cartoon music for superheroes for the tip of the video!

[mp3] : Keane – Cast No Shadow (Oasis Cover)

[Video] Keane – Cast No Shadow (Oasis Cover)

By Will Oliver, August 24th 2009 — with 2 comments

I got another Oasis Cover from the V Festival in the UK to share with you guys! I posted a Snow Patrol cover of “Wonderwall” last night, and now we got a Keane cover of “Cast No Shadow” (one of the overshadowed tracks on the great album known as (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?).

Someone was cool enough to record a clip of it. Unfortunatly it is only a small clip. I won’t rip an mp3 unless we find a full version. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Watch it below:


[New] Keane (again) – Better Than This

By Will Oliver, August 26th 2008 — with 1 comment


I just read this on damien’s blog and needed to post about it. So another Keane song is apparently online called ‘Better Than This’ and I gave it a listen and was caught way off guard. This track will definitely be the most polarizing song on the blogs for the days to come.

I think change can be a good thing, and that change can take a band to the next level. However, I don’t think these high pitched vocals shifts are meant for Keane. Minus that the track is not too shabby. Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the new 80’s direction that they have taken. I really like ‘Spiralling’ and think that they can still pull off a very good album. Either way, cheers to Keane for reinventing themselves and not continuing the same trend.

Damien is streaming the track over at his site. Check it out, and buy their new album ‘Perfect Symmetry’ when it comes out on October 13th!!

What does everyone else think of this?

Keane provide Perfect Symmetry tracklisting

By Will Oliver, August 18th 2008

Keane have made the tracklisting for their upcoming new record ‘Perfect Symmetry’ available.

The album is slated to come out October 14th. The first official single is ‘The Lovers Are Losing.’ A few weeks ago they made a song from the album available for a free download

Here is the tracklisting for ‘Perfect Symmetry’:

1. Spiralling
2. The Lovers Are Losing
3. Better Than This
4. You Haven’t Told Me Anything
5. Perfect Symmetry
6. You Don’t See Me
7. Again And Again
8. Playing Along
9. Pretend That You’re Alone
10. Black Burning Heart
11. Love Is The End

Keanes New Song "Spiralling"

By Will Oliver, August 4th 2008

Keane joins what seems every other band lately in releasing their first single “Spiralling” on their website for free download, available until August 11th. (Link is below). The song is off their third album “Perfect Symmetry” which is due on October 13th.

The band took their craving for big stadium anthem rock, gave it a dance boost and ran with it.his song rocks. Right away you notice this isn’t the same sound as “Somewhere Only We Know.” From the first yell of “WHOA” I knew something was different. I almost thought I opened the wrong MP3 until I heard Tom Chaplin’s familiar comforting vocals. They take their turn on 80’s dance rock, and they really made a fun track, It is pretty damn good. Sounds like it could almost fit onto Hot Fuss.

They were smart and realized they couldn’t just keep doing the same thing over and over. don’t understand people’s reasoning on hating Keane. The usual they sound like “Coldplay/Radiohead/U2 just isn’t fair to them. They do what they do well, and now they are reinventing their sound. Props to Keane. Whatever they are doing, they are doing quite well.

BTW singer Tom Chaplin seems to have lost some weight. I almost didn’t recognize him at first glance of their new photo’s below.

Download from

WAWSTSF’s Best Albums of 2008: Honorable Mentions (Part 1)

By Will Oliver, January 7th 2009 — with 1 comment

So 2008 is a few days behind us, and I finally got done listening to pretty much everything I wanted to. The fact that I want to keep going back to Animal Collectives MPP is an indication that it is time to make my list already. Here are some albums that were great but didn’t make my list. The list was a top 50 of the freshest albums that 2008 had to offer. Some fell short of making it, but were good enough to my ears to deserve a mention. Here they are:

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Grab Some Headphones & Go Listen!…NOW

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2008 — with 1 comment

I have been a little busy with school, so thats why I haven’t posted much. Anyhow, here are some tunes you should grab some ‘phones to and block out the world to. They are worth it. (to me at least!)

[MP3] : Of Montreal & MGMT – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Thanks to You Ain’t No Picasso for posting. This was a cover that Of Montreal did with MGMT for Of Montreal’s show in NYC the other day. Pretty neat rarity right here!

[MP3] : Andrew Bird – Oh No
Last time I gave you a stream but there is an actual mp3. The song is pretty great, with some whistles to make your day nice and cheerful! He really can make a nice medlody!

[MP3] : Keane – Spiralling
I don’t care what haters say but I love Keane. I just got my CD delivered to me here on campus thanks to amazon, and I am listening to this song as I am typing actually! I am starting to really come around to this new change. Tom’s vocals actually go along to their new style better than I originally thought. Some really cool sounds throughout the song. Album review eventually!

[MP3] : Jenny Lewis – Godspeed
I actually got an email from a teacher who thought my email was getting to Jenny Lewis for some reason, and he said that his students love to work to music and that they really enjoyed ‘Godspeed’ by Jenny Lewis. He thanked me for bringing joy to his classroom. For a second I thought my blog actually had fans but soon realized he was talking about the real superstar! Anyway, there is the track that may also help YOU work!

[MP3] : This Is Ivy League – The Richest Kids
My girlfriend played them a few times in the car for me and I remember enjoying it but never thought of looking into them more. Turns out I got an email mentioning them and was really shocked at how nice of a sound they have. Try not to just smile and enjoy ‘The Richest Kids’. Really nice melody. Thank me later.

[MP3] : Foals – Red Socks Pugie
I was listening to this on the way to class on my new headphones and boy does it sound a lot better on headphones. I really enjoy Foals style of music, and I think this song is a great example of what they do!

Buy the artists albums at their website or either Insound | Amazon

Klaxons Going Melodic On Us

By Will Oliver, August 27th 2008

The Mercury prize winners of 2007, Klaxons are working on new material for their eventual 2nd album. Their producer James Ford (one half of Simian Mobile Disco & producer for Arctic Monkeys) says that the new material is heading in a different direction than their debut. The direct quote came from the BBC Newsbeat and was as follows: “I think they’re still trying to push forward so I don’t think it’s going to sound too much like the last record. They’re trying to keep it melodic and vocal because that’s one of their great strong points. It’s going to be really exciting.”

Sounds cool to me. Aside from all the crazy new rave sounds they make, their vocals on songs like golden skans is one of their bright spots. Cool to see they aren’t going to just stick to the same genre. I was afraid they would just stay with what they had. Seems like everyone is taking risks these days, just ask Keane.

Just news for now, we will see how it is when material surfaces.

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