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[new]: Kuhlamity – Dragon Slayer

By Will Oliver, September 5th 2013


Kuhlamity is off doing big things at school but still has the time to impress us with new tracks such as his latest, “Dragon Slayer.” Produced by James Pants, this may be my favorite work yet by Kuhlamity.

On “Dragon Slayer” Kam keeps finding new musical avenues to explore and make his own. What starts with a Beck-influenced groove enters a jazzy section by the end, making it as musically diverse of a hip-hop track as you can find. He continues to find new ways to impress me.

Take a listen to “Dragon Slayer” below.

[new]: Kuhlamity – Dave Chappelle

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2013


If you’ve been a long time reader of the site, you should know who Kuhlamity is by now. If you’re new around these parts let me fill you in.

Kuhlamity is a young rapper from my hometown of Rockland County, and he’s been doing some refreshing things with hip-hop. His flow is always top of the line, and the production has been killing it as of late. His latest track, “Dave Chappelle” is produced by The Audible Doctor, and the production takes yet another step forward. Take a listen below.

Kuhlamity – That’s Not

By Will Oliver, June 3rd 2013


Kuhlamity returns with a new track called “That’s Not” that features some of the fasted rapping that you will hear period, to the point where it’s almost impossible to keep up with. His flow is just off the hook with his usual bouts of cleverness. When the song slows down it becomes a smooth and cool ride in his typical fashion.

It’s the lead track off his new EP which is coming quite soon. Take a listen to “That’s Not” below, and try to keep up.

[Free Download]: Kuhlamity – Protege Cerveau [Mixtape]

By Will Oliver, November 28th 2012 — with 2 comments

At this point of your readership, you should be familiar with Kuhlamity. If not, let me quickly correct that. He’s a young rapper by the name of Kamron Bahani who is from my hometown. He has slowly been grinding out a promising career, and is slowly, but very surely, making his ascent to be a prominent figure in underground hip-hop.

Today he released his latest mixtape Protege Cerveau for free download. Kuhlamity continues his growth as an artist, providing a blazing fast flow full of wit, along with some old-school inspired beats. The production is top tier on this mixtape, leaving Kuhlamity with plenty of wiggle room to work his game.

At one minute he can leave you laughing, but soon after he will leave you reflective and inspired. It’s amazing just how fast he can rap while still keeping his flow even and his verses wise.

I know I’m not known for being up to date on underground hip-hop, but I really believe that Kuhlamity has got something special going on, and I want you to be a part of it.

The mixtape is available to download for free right here. If you need some motivation, check out two tracks from it below.

[mp3]: Kuhlamity – Jeune Choriste
[mp3]: Kuhlamity – Word Of The Wise

[new]: Kuhlamity – RigaTortoise

By Will Oliver, September 24th 2012

Kuhlamity enters what seems to be a permanent beast mode on “RigaTortoise”. At less than 2-minutes, Kam packs in a mean punch at a lightening speed. Try to keep up. It is taken off of his upcoming mixtape, Protege Deus.

Be sure to also check out “Wait On”, a previous released track from the mixtape.

[new]: Kuhlamity – Wait On

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2012 — with 1 comment

Kuhlamity makes his return with a new song titled, “Wait On”.

In true Kuhlamity fashion Kam holds back no words or punches, and keeps the rapid-fire flow as steady as the beat.  As always there are added bits of comedy, some that you may feel mean laughing about, but it’s too clever not to (frank ocean).

“Wait On” is off of his upcoming mixtape, Protege Deus. Take a listen and download it below. The Audible Doctor produced it.

[mp3]: Kuhlamity – Wait On

[music video]: Kuhlamity – Word Of The Wise

By Will Oliver, May 3rd 2012 — with 1 comment

Kuhlamity has released a video for new song “Word Of The Wise”. This one has a classic feel to it, with some of Kuhlamity’s fastest verses to date. It’s a good one. He’s got a bright mind, a great ear, and plenty to say.

Find the video below. It’s taken from a project he’s releasing with Jonathan Lowell.

[new]: Kuhlamity – What Is Democracy?

By Will Oliver, January 19th 2012

Rockland’s Kuhlamity chimes in on the ongoing SOPA & PIPA debate, which is something you better be well aware of. If not, read up.

Kuhlamity gives us a well mannered delivery while sharing his frustrations. He will put you at ease with witty lines like “thought my bitch was supposed to fuck me, not my central government.” It’s comical, but it also accurately captures the root of the problematic situation at hand. I respect that.

Watch/listen to “What Is Democracy?” below.

Download Kuhlamity’s Center Of A Tension EP

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2011

Kuhlamity finally released his first EP, Center Of A Tension. Brandun Deshay produced the album and deserves half of the credit, as the album art points out.

I’ve already shared a few of the songs from the EP with you guys and if you liked those, then you’re going to enjoy the whole thing for sure. If you want some exciting rap that is raw, real, and passionate, look no further. It’s as real as rap music gets these days. And that’s something worth listening to.

Download Center Of A tension right here. It’s free and it has my stamp of approval. What else do you need?

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