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MØ @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (May 23, 2014)

By Will Oliver, May 25th 2014


The ascent of has been a pleasure to watch. Every time I see her name it seems like she’s rising the ranks further, well on her way to stardom of her own. It’s no surprise, she does indie-pop in the right way. Her debut album No Mythologies To Follow is a highly enjoyable record, and she brought that experience to life extremely well.
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Mø @ Fader Fort (March 14, 2014)

By Will Oliver, March 21st 2014


The first (and last time) that I saw Danish rising star , was at a small show (that I helped put on!) in loft in Brooklyn during CMJ 2012. So it was a big leap to see how command the Fader Fort stage down as SXSW, but a well deserved change. She’s come a long way. Mø just released her debut LP No Mythologies To Follow and took over the stage with the same confidence and swagger that I remember from her performance at CMJ

From what I saw, the crowd ate her up, and I continue to believe that big things are on the way for her soon. All is well deserved.

She has a few upcoming New York City dates including Glasslands on May 22 and Mercury Lounge on May 23.

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[new]: MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2014 — with 1 comment

Mo - Dont Wanna Dance

MØ’s upcoming debut album No Mythologies To Follow is definitely one of my most anticipated releases of the year. I’m excited to see what she can do on a full length, and we will find out when the album is released on Chess Club/RCA Victor February 24.

“Don’t Wanna Dance” is the latest single to be shared from the album, and if you found yourself enamored by all of her previous work, you’ll have no problem falling for this one. I have a feeling that this will be one of the best pop records of the whole year, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that MØ breaks out in a big way in the next year.

Enjoy “Don’t Wanna Dance” below.

[music video]: MØ – XXX 88 (Feat. Diplo)

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.39.09 PM

A lot can happen in a year. It was actually about 11 months ago that I first posted about . The young Danish singer has been slowly rising further and further up, and now she’s working on songs with Diplo. Yes, that Diplo. He produced the song. Looks like seeing her play at loft parties are now a thing of the past.

The song is called “XXX 88″ and it’s another pop treat from the girl who just naturally seems to release these gems with ease. It’s a contagious little track, and it features a pretty awesome video as well that features a (very, very) brief appearance from Diplo.

The “XXX 88″ single will be out October 20 via Chess Club/RCA Victor. Find the video posted below via Gorilla vs. Bear.
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MØ – Pilgrim (Yours Truly Session)

By Will Oliver, March 5th 2013


put on one of my favorite shows during CMJ. She sounded amazing live, almost identical to her records. It’s no surprise that the result is just as good on her performance of “Pilgrim” that she did for Yours Truly. She performed this last October at the Moonlab Studios.

Watch the performance below.
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[music video]: MØ – Glass

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2013

MØ - Glass

The music video for MØ’s “Glass” was directed by Casper Balslev and features her in a small Danish town called Hirtshals. Here’s what she had to say about it:

The video is inspired by the lyrics to “Glass”, which tries to visualize the restlessness of a young person’s mind. It’s a boredom, an insatiability and anxiety. Fear of getting old, fear of missing things and fear to love. The video is shot in small Danish town called Hirtshals, which represents the provincial society well. I myself grew up in a small town, and know the feeling of restlessness and wanderlust. It reflects on a young girl’s burning desire to do something, but she has no idea what, how or where to begin. In the end it is always easier just to do nothing and wait for the dawning of a new day.

Love the song, and the video works it’s own magic on you as you listen.
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[new]: MØ – Glass

By Will Oliver, January 14th 2013 — with 5 comments


Last year Danish artist made a big splash in a short period of time. Her performance at CMJ was one of my favorites of the entire year, and here song “Pilgrim” made my top songs of the year. Not bad for a girl who has only released two songs to date.

Today she has released her new single “Glass.” MØ sounds more confident with a fully produced synth-pop sound that makes it seem like she is geared for the big time. “Glass” sounds big, wild, and free of any boundaries.

American pop music makers, pay attention. This is how it is done.

[CMJ]: MØ @ Danger Village Showcase (October 19, 2012)

By Will Oliver, October 24th 2012 — with 1 comment

, hailing all the way from Copenhagen, is a 23-year-old talent that had me sold on her after only two songs. After seeing her perform live, I assure you that this girl is going to make us all proud. She arguably put on my favorite show of CMJ.

This was one of her first shows in the U.S., and in general. This could have gone many ways, but she put all my worries aside the minute her voice went through the mic and graced the speakers. She has an incredible voice, and already has a stage presence down pact. She looked confident, sexy, and seemed to be enjoying herself.

All the tunes sounded great, with a dance edge, with some incredible vocals over them. It would be easy to just compare her to artist like Lykke Li or Grimes, but MØ is her own lady. Her songs had a fresh appeal to them with plenty of glamor and an easy knack for being awesomely catchy. She had the whole crowd in the palm of her hand. I could sense something special was happening, and for any of you that were there, I know you agree with me.

This girl is special. I’m glad I can say I saw her in a loft party, because someday she will be capturing audiences at much bigger venues.

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